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first holiday abroad with 7mth old

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littlepinkfizz Sun 25-Sep-11 19:15:14

we are planning a holiday to the canary islands at hallowe'en. it will be our first holiday abroad with our 7 month old. I'm worried about keeping him amused during the flight and what to feed him when we are there. i usually make him all his meals and am worried about. Any advice?

mosschops30 Sun 25-Sep-11 19:32:35

Buy pouches to take with you (ellas kitchen or similar)
You can buy jars out there
Take enough nappies, ive foubd them very expensive abroad.
the microwave sterilising bags are amazing, used them for everything bottles, dummies, spoons).
The flight should be ok, too little to want to start running around

Your baby will be fine, its a lovely age for a holiday, when theyre toddlers is when you need to worry grin

littlepinkfizz Mon 26-Sep-11 10:26:26

thanks! will try him with some brfore we go so he's used to them. that has reassured me!

Nefret Mon 26-Sep-11 10:35:23

We bought nappies in the local supermarkets in the Canary islands and didn't find them expensive, better than taking a suitcase full of nappies anyway.

Try to get your lo to have a nap on the plane, then you have less time to try to amuse him ;-)

wigglesrock Mon 26-Sep-11 14:06:19

I always buy my nappies, wipes etc over there but bring swim nappies, they are expensive. Dodot nappies are Pampers. I second the microwave steriliser bags but not sure if you're sterilising still. We went away with dd2 when she was 7 months, I just bought jars over there and brought a couple of bits and pieces, she loved the frutapura type pots.

I've went away with dds from about 4 months and always had a brilliant time, enjoy yourselves.

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