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Mexico with a 7 month

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Justgotosleep11 Thu 22-Sep-11 20:33:06

my dh and I are dying for a warm break but he can't get time off until jan! Looking at all Inc deals in Mexico but my mum says it wouldn't be safe...water etc! Any advice or has anyone been? Thanks

sunnyday123 Thu 22-Sep-11 20:52:18

not been mexico but took DD to italy when 8 months old and it was awful as too hot for her! It was only 24-26C and not even all day and it was just stressful as you cant sunbathe with a little one so i'd say Mexico would be hotter and harder work. I'd personally choose somewhere different - it you're used to sun/sand holidays and havent been on one with a baby you'll find it very different - we didnt enjoy it as we couldnt do the things we used to do - no lying in the sun, or sitting by the pool. DD was irritable at the beach etc - mostly babies can only manage 1/2 an hour etc of mild heat here or there - i think it'd be a waste of money to go somewhere like mexico which is hotel / pool based. have you thought about a city break or the canaries etc which may be milder?

gordonpym Fri 23-Sep-11 13:18:27

We did Punta Cana when DS1 was 9m. The heat didn't bother him, but he did get sick (and my husband as well).
Maybe you should look at Guadeloupe, La Martinique, which are E.U and very safe for food/water.... or Curaçao, which was dutch until shortly.
Try posting in the living overseas or the longhaul threads,

mummymeister Fri 23-Sep-11 19:35:05

Sunnyday is right. Holidays bc (before children) are very different from those AD (after delivery) Your 7 month old will hate the sand and if crawling you will be worried about the child safety nature of your accomodation. Even in an all inclusive or exclusive resort you won't be able to be as careful with hygiene or as confident as you are at home. Find a really good hotel with kids club that gives you time away together. there are some great ones in the UK - Bedruthan steps, moonfleet manor etc. next year it will be different but you may still have a child (like mine) who just hated the heat and made us all miserable.

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