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Half term holiday ideas, anyone?

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zanz1bar Wed 21-Sep-11 19:55:49

somehow dh has agreed to take half term off work, the first time in well over two years he has been free at the same time as me and the kids.

I have a budget of about £1000.

2 adults, 2 children 8/6

Any ideas where we could go?

No immunisations please, city break, beach, hotel, self catering, anything considered.
Not a big fan centre parcs type places, more boutique hotel.

May be able to get mates flights on virgin, so USA, s.Africa poss.

ripstheirthroatoutliveupstairs Thu 22-Sep-11 09:54:32

How long are the holidays?
We've been to Tunisia, India, Turkey, and Egypt during the October half term if that's any use. India probably not though due to vax.
I'd go for Tunisia out of that lot TBH.

Nefret Thu 22-Sep-11 11:12:59

We are going to Turkey this half term, it cost us £700 for 2 adults and 2 children with Easyjet holidays.

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