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Drinks at airports

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johnkirkuk Tue 13-Sep-11 12:28:46

I don't know how others feel about this issue but your thoughts and opinions are welcomed.

I think it is unfair that when we pass through airport security we give up any liquids and containers with liquid in them which we may have brought with us in order to purchase new liquids in the departure lounge.

I obviously recognise and respect the reasons why we are asked to give up or not bring liquids through airport security but feel it is harsh that any kind of profit is made from a security procedure.

I accept that there are ways around this problem (taking empty bottles,multisaver deals) but I feel that the government should ensure that water is available for free in airport departure lounges. Where water fountains aren't available airports should be asked to install them, to improve information about available water sources and where liquid containers have been sacrificed the airports should offer disposable plastic cups or even bottles for people wishing to take water onto flights.

I have set up an e-petition for you to review. Like I say don't know how other people feel about this but your opinions are welcomed.

"Drinking water should be provided at airports for free."

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