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Which CP Europe is best?

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Voidka Mon 12-Sep-11 14:07:14

Thinking about visiting one next summer but they all look quite good.

Portofino Wed 14-Sep-11 08:18:43

We've been to Eperheide in Belgium and really enjoyed it. My understanding is that it is better for little kids and that De Vossemeren is better for older ones.

I always say this on CP threads, but also take a look at, they a dutch company with parks all over Holland, Belgium and Germany. You can find a lot of the same facilities, great standard accommodation and they are MUCH cheaper.

For example - I would say the basic Landal villas equate to at least a Premium CP villa - for October half term, we are paying 250 euros for a weekend at Hoog Vaals. The same weekend at CP De Vossemeren would be 600 euros.

And next July, a week for 2 adults 2 dcs at De Lommerbergen racks up at 845 euros vs 1159 euros for CP.

mumofsoontobelawstudent Wed 14-Sep-11 22:29:19

we went to the one South of Paris (L'ac Aillet) or similar, can't remember and too tired to check. It was ok but we found it VERY expensive, drinks, meals and activities and also customer service not too good and there seemed to be a total lack of interest when we tried to make enquiries or book things. We had a flood in our villa (no fault of ours, leaking pipe under bath) and it took them 2 days to come out and sort it by which time the carpets surrounding the bathroom were starting to go mouldy and the villa didn't smell very nice. Facilities and pool were nice but wouldn't go again.

Sandgroper Tue 20-Sep-11 15:15:55

Hi Voidka

We went to CP De Vossemeren for 5 days this year at Easter (Mon to Fri), we paid 430 Euros for a VIP lakeside villa (2 bedroom and had a sauna as well), also included 2 adult bike hire (took kids bikes with us) and I think the AquaMundi (big indoor pool) pass for all of us. Went with some friends who have been to all the European parks and been back to this one 3 times now with his 5 kids.

As a CP virgin and a DH who refuses to pay the "Rip off CP prices in the UK" (his words not mine) we had a brilliant time and are even thinking of going back again next year (never thought I buy into the CP concept)!

Our DS's were 3 and 5 and had a fab time. The kids activities were really good, although to take part in some activities they had to be 4, but our DS who was 5 did "Wanna be a Pirate" and "Wanna be a Chef". Both cost 4 Euros and were for 3 hours, he had a ball. They did have a few activities for our 3 yr old in the kids club, we did painting (adult had to stay with them) and they could play with the toys, dress up stuff etc. This one was free.

They also had a big Pirate ship inside a dome (name escapes me) with cafe, little river and sandy area kids could play, our boys spent ages in there. Also had rope course and climbing stuff for older kids/adults.

The staff were very helpful and spoke English. I would say the restaurants were overpriced (you are a captive audience), we went to one of the family ones and the kids meals were adult size and wasn't cheap, was ok though. The onsite supermarket is not massive and a bit pricey.

We went went on the tunnel and it was a nice easy drive to get there. Stopped at the Carrefour to stock up just before we got there. We did get bread each day and a newspaper - OMG was The Sun (quality reading).

Did go to the local town and went to the markets (was on a Wed and in the afternoon) and also had a fab meal at a braissere in the square.

We really enjoyed ourselves and most importantly so did the kids, which to us means happy kids = happy parents. Let me know if you want any more info. Sorry this has turned into an epic novel hmm

Hi Portofino

Thanks for the heads up for Lindal, will take a look at it as well. Be interesting to do a

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