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Insotel club punta prima, Menorca

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fruitychicken Mon 12-Sep-11 10:39:23

Booked a holiday to here next year. Just wondering if anyone has been recently. The brochures aren't very good at stating how far from the resort it is. We will be travelling with our almost 2 year old. We hope it will be fairly decent as have booked all inclusive. Trip advisor reviews look generally good, but thought mn would give a brutally honest child minded opinion.

MrsVoltar Mon 12-Sep-11 15:11:04

Haven't been recently but went to Punta Prima about 4 yrs ago & the Insotel Club complex looked really nice. We went for a walk along the seafront of Punta Prima & ended up wandering through grounds, not far from resort at all. IMO, it was like a big park just beside the resort.

Punta Prima itself a lovely small resort too, we chose it due to proximity to Mahon for shopping/culture and short transfer.

Jaffacake76 Thu 15-Sep-11 17:02:45

Hi, We go to Menorca all the time because my parents live there. (we're going next week actually).The Insotel is lovely...and walking distance to the beach (5 mins). Punta Prima beach is quite small but still gorgeous but if you want a longer beach Son Bou (15 mins away) is the biggest on the island. I would recommend hiring a car if you're there longer than a week. Menorca is such a beautiful family friendly island but you do need a car to get around and it'd be a shame not to see a bit of the island as it's si beautiful.

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