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Do I have to provide evidence of dc ages when booking centre parcs?

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ENormaSnob Tue 06-Sep-11 19:30:13

Am looking to book a weekend in centre parcs for November.

ds2 is 2 the weekend before we go therefore increasing our room requirements and bumping the price up hugely.

Can I get away with saying his dob is 2 weeks later than it actually is or will I have to provide evidence?

I would prefer him to be sleeping in my room anyway.

Thanks for any replies.

FoJo Tue 06-Sep-11 19:37:32

We've never been when children were that young so the age of the children wasnt relevant so they Maybe as there is such a relevance they might ask for proof, but I wouldnt have thought so. Good luck

mummymeister Tue 06-Sep-11 23:01:17

I assume that they will provide a cot for you and so long as he sleeps in it then how can you tell a 2 year olds age and who carries a passport/birth cert with it on to centre parcs. the only issue is that it may be in their terms and conditions that a lodge is suitable for x number and 1 aged under 2 and if you exceed that then you are breaking their t's and c's. of course this only is relevant if something happens but worth bearing this in mind. you won't be able to keep getting away with it!! Enjoy the cheaper deals why you can

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