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5Foot5 Tue 06-Sep-11 16:57:48

With Malaga as a base is it possible to visit places like Granada, Seville, Cordoba and Ronda as day trips?

If so, which would be the best way to do this - hire car, train, excursion?

JohnnyRod Tue 06-Sep-11 21:11:47

Yep, it's all fairly easy, but you want to drive. Spanish drivers are a bit of a laugh but it's the easiest way to get around. Seville is beautiful, and around Easter the bitter orange trees are in blossom, the city is filled with them. Granada is a small city but also beautiful and various things to see. Cordoba, less so. Don't go in summer!

JustAnother Fri 09-Sep-11 13:55:54

The train between Cordoba and Sevilla is fine, but to get from Malaga to Granada and Ronda, you really need a car and lots of patience. Driving round there is rather unnerving. Last time I did it, I got from Malaga to Granada, parked the car in the first space I found and didn't move it until we had to go back to Malaga 3 days later.

Bunbaker Sun 11-Sep-11 17:11:12

Having driven round Andalucia several years ago, nothing on earth will induce me to drive round Granada, Seville or Cordoba again, even with a sat nav to help. Having said that, they are definitely worth visiting, as is Ronda.

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