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Turkey for next August

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TrainingJedi Sat 03-Sep-11 14:53:36

Please tell me your experiences of Turkey! (South West)

What will the weather be like next August?
How much spending money will we need for one week? (we're all inclusive, 2 adults and 2 children but would like a couple of trips and some souvenirs)
Is there any *must see's/dos"?
Those that have been, would you go again?
How does it compare to - say - Ibiza/Crete etc?

GeeinItLaldy Sat 03-Sep-11 15:02:31

It will be HOT! Low to mid 40s. My friend lives in Turkey and generally comes home to the UK in August to escape the worst of the heat. I generally go to visit her in May/June or mid-late September when it's not just so hot.

Can't really answer your spending money query as I'be never been to Turkey AI and I don't have children (yet) and much depends on the trips that you want to do. How old are your kids? I would highly recommend a trip to Ephesus...but not if your children are young as it's a long journey and probably not very interesting for them. Hopefully someone who has holidayed with children can help more.

I don't know if you can meaningfully compare different countries. FWIW, I prefer Crete (and Greece in general). I like Turkey well enough but if it wasn't for friend living there, I probably wouldn't choose to go back.

QOD Sat 03-Sep-11 15:04:00

Din't like it - sorry sad

We had a bad experience in Tunisia many moons ago (sexual assault on a child at the hotel, sexual assault on me in a shop .... poor hygiene etc) and would never ever go back there.
Went to Turkey yr before last and it was scarily similar. They were still very very very sexist against Western women, sexually inappropriate with very young teens, very poor hygiene in the hotel and restaurants.
We wouldn't go again

Ibiza/Crete/Cyprus - different sort of locals - modern, western/meditranian (omg can't spell that!) - lovely lovely

katiewins22 Sat 03-Sep-11 22:29:11

TrainingJedi - My experience of Turkey is all positive. Where exactly are you going? We stayed in Gumusluk and it was fabulous. We visited Bodrum Castle, Turgutreis (liked it so much we have booked to go there next May) and had day trip to Ephesus (very very hot - but with plenty of water and snacks doable - even with our children - who didnt want to go - but really enjoyed it when they got there). Turkish people very friendly. Very keen to talk English. Some hassling from restaurants etc - but I can see why - the All Inclusives are taking a lot of the business (sorry just noticed you are going AI)

QOD - I dont know where you went but I dont understand the comment about being sexist towards Western women - it isnt Saudi! - The Turkish women dress the same as Western Women and Turkey is a very progressive country. It is a shame if a some Turkish men behaved inappropriately towards teenagers - but I often find that in London - doesnt make me assume all Londoners have unhealthy attitude towards teens.

Cant comment on Ibiza - havent been back since the 1980s - and dont remember what it was like then blush.However -I has issues in Crete many years ago with a Greek guy putting something in my drink - it didn't turn me against all Greeks. Never been to Cyprus. What I am trying to say QOD is that it isnt fair to make a judgement on a nation because of a bad experience - the same thing happens all over the world.

What I would say to the OP is have a great time - and then post back on here smile K.

QOD Sat 03-Sep-11 22:39:12

She asked about our experiences, I answered - end of.

I can make my own judgement from a week in a country thanks.

Bunbaker Sun 04-Sep-11 07:11:49

Anywhere in the Med is going to be extremely hot in August - high 30s to low 40s. If you like sightseeing why not go to the Atlantic coast of Portugal, Madeira, the Azores, the Italian lakes or Slovenia where you will still get good weather, but not too uncomfortable for sightseeing?

overthehillmum Sun 04-Sep-11 07:31:33

I went to Tunisia 2 years ago, loved the hotel and the weather was fab, it was in June, but the men were really lechy and inappropriate, horrible for teenage girls, the trips into town were awful, you are hounded to go into every shop, and it was not a pleasant experience. I wouldn't go back.

TrainingJedi Sun 04-Sep-11 09:52:21

Thanks for the insight. I am a little concerned about the weather, we were in Orlando a few years back and the temperature reached 41 degrees and I found that absolutely unbearable. But I was stupid and didn't use appropriate suncream and wasn't wearing a hat so I'll be better prepared this time.

I know the culture is a little different but that's something I'm quite looking forward to in a way, I love experiencing different cultures and wanted to stay away from any "Mini Britain" type holidays like Benidorm etc.

The children (both boys) will be 13 and 11 when we go. I'm planning a trip to the mud baths/mountain tombs in Dalyan which I'm hoping the kids will like and naturally a day at the beach (Oludeniz).

Can't go too far really as we're pretty inexperienced travellers and will have no car so I think we'll be limited to planned excursions. I do hope to fit in a trip to Kayakoyu (Ghost town) too as I love deserted places, especially with a ton of history attached.

(and naturally a turkish massage! grin )

overthehillmum Sun 04-Sep-11 10:05:22

Doh, my last bit of my message disappeared, we went to Turkey last year, loved the place, it was nothing like Tunisia, locals very friendly, no pressure, weather was very warm but not unbearable, in July, went on some lovely tours, would recommend it.

ENormaSnob Sun 04-Sep-11 10:18:20

Just back from turkey, stayed in ovacik/hisaronu which is 10 mins from olu deniz.

Absolutely loved it.

It was our first time to turkey having been to lots of other holiday destinations in Europe. I can honestly say it's now my fave place ever.

It was very hot but nothing that SPF 30 and aircon in your room
can't solve!

Great food, amazing scenery, lovely people and so much to see and

I am looking to book for next year but will probably try gumbet or altinkum.

Oh and we were there for 2 weeks ai, spent about 500 between 5 of us.

Lizzylou Sun 04-Sep-11 10:25:27

We went to Turkey in early May this year, a week's AI in Icmeler.
We weren't that keen on the resort BUT there were loads of nice places nearby that were less touristy.
We did do the Dalyan mud baths and rock tombs (and saw turtles) which was fabulous, really enjoyable. Our boys are 7 and 5.
I found Turkey to have massively changed from when I'd visited last as a teen, 20 odd years ago, which is to be expected I suppose.

I think Turkey is a lovely country, you just have to be more careful where you go now as it has changed a lot and is quite built up in places. Our hotel and the food was lovely. Dalyan is a lovely place as well. DH wished we'd stayed there for the week.

GeeinItLaldy Sun 04-Sep-11 10:29:51're going to the area I know. My friend lives in Fethiye (which I love) and I've been to Kayakou and Olu Deniz and done the mud baths/tombs at Dalyan/turtle beach trip....the kids will love this.

I personally didn't like Hisaronu, although I only spent one evening in it. A bit too Benidorm for my liking...english pubs and every other restaurant offering roast beef an yorkshire pud. Reminded me of Marmaris which I wouldn't set foot in again if you paid me. Hisaronu aside, it's a lovely area, IMO and I think you'll enjoy it fine. But it will be very, very hot.

kat2504 Sun 04-Sep-11 10:34:51

I've also recently been to Ovacik/Hisaronu near Oludeniz. We had a lovely time. It was hot, but not 40s, more like low to mid 30s, especially up in Ovacik where it was a bit cooler due to being up a hill.
Hisaronu was very touristy and clearly caters for british market but in general it was nothing like Benidorm, small hotels, no great rows of high rise developments. However the rest of the area was nicer, we went to Kayakou and the Blue Lagoon beach at Olu Deniz, and Fethiye and we had a fantastic time on some boat trips where we could go snorkelling in the sea.

Nefret Mon 05-Sep-11 11:20:31

I love Turkey, we always go there for our holiday and I used to live out there too.

It will be very hot in August but if you are prepared you should be fine, take lots of high factor sun cream and drink plenty of water, also get somewhere with air condtioning as it stays really hot at night too.

I don't agree with the comments about men being sexist towards western women, I am always treated with respect out there. Admittedly they will make comments to skimpily dressed females but isn't that the same anywhere? I also don't agree about bad hygiene either, I have always found everywhere very clean, as a whole I think they clean a lot more thoroughly that a lot of places in the UK. It is part of their culture to be clean. I also find Turkish people a lot friendlier than in other European countries, again hospitality is a part of the culture out there.

On the whole Turkey is cheaper than the UK but alcohol is expensive, if you are going AI though that shouldn't affect you.

I hope you have a great time!

TrainingJedi Mon 05-Sep-11 12:40:25

Thanks! the more I look into it, the more I think I'll love it.

I'm looking into a horse-riding trip at the moment.

"Ride a horse on a beach" is on my 'bucket list' so would be nice to have one thing ticked off that at least grin

NHScutback Mon 05-Sep-11 20:51:18

We've been to Fethiye, Olu Deniz, Icmeler. Never had a bad time yet. Lots to do / see around Olu Deniz and Fethiye. People were very sweet and nice to us, especially in Fethiye. August is very hot so don't be surprised if when you get there it is difficult to contemplate days out / trekking. We went in September and did Kayakoy (lovely), horseriding through woods, mudbaths, rock tombs, turtle beach, ephesus. Was great fun. Hisaronu is crazy at night, good for teens.

JohnnyRod Tue 06-Sep-11 21:17:01

I've spent 3 weeks working there, and in a few weeks' time we're going to Side on holiday, so I hope it's the same Turkey I've already seen! All the Turks said go to Antalya area, and friends with kids have hired a villa in Side before and loved it. Okay I'm a bloke but I've always found the Turks to be friendly and family-orientated as with many eastern countries. August will be hotter than hell though, I've been to Adana in August and you get fresh air by sticking your head in a building. Avoid Bodrum etc. if you want to avoid Costa del Sol.

Nefret Wed 07-Sep-11 11:37:44

Bodrum is not like the Costa Del Sol!

It is a beautiful town, yes it gets very busy in the summer but it has a great atmosphere and is a proper Turkish town. There are lots of lovely little resorts around the Bodrum Peninsula too, I love it there and I would never go to the Costa Del Sol.

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