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How cheap/expensive will it be?

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SanAndreas Fri 02-Sep-11 16:13:21

I am looking to book a holiday over the weekend and need some advice asap1

On a budget- want a week abroad possibly Turkey, but will consider anywhere in the med, although worried about the possibility of crap weather in Spanish resorts.

Ideally would like self catering so that we get a bigger aprtment as there are 5 of us- me and dp, 13 yr old, two toddlers.

Know its difficult but has anyone got a rough estimate on a daily spend for food and drink? We will maybe eat brekky in the room some days and occasional lunch. REst will be meals out and drinks. Alcohol for us- wine beer etc and maybe some alcohol for room!! Dont mind economising a bit but dont want to worry too much.

Was thinking £100 per day, will that be enough. Any any ideas on cheapests countries/resorts. My impression is Turkey and we are very familiar with the country. Hvent done s/c for yers though.


Nefret Mon 05-Sep-11 11:40:33

We go to Turkey a lot and we don't spend more than £100 a day SC for a family of 4 and you will find children's meals are very cheap for your little ones.

You can get very cheap accomodation in Turkey too.

Alcohol is quite expensive now as they have put up the tax on it so I would suggest getting some bottles from duty free if you want a drink in your room. Beer is still reasonably though although wine is quite pricey.

ENormaSnob Mon 05-Sep-11 15:54:48

Just back from turkey and I think £100 per day would be fine.

You would probably need more for spain/balaerics/canaries iirc.

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