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New Lufthansa luggage rules

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DeepDeepFlavours Sun 28-Aug-11 18:56:28

Does anyone have any experience of the new Lufthansa luggage rules (after 1 June)? I am travelling to Germany with my DH and baby and have been told I can take either buggy OR car seat.

We have an allowance of 3 suitcases (weighing 23kg each) plus buggy for free. We want to take 1 suitcase of 23kg plus small buggy plus car seat weighing 4kg. However I have been told by Lufthansa that I can only take the Maxi Cosi if it is in a suitcase. I don't have a large enough suitcase. Does anyone know if they are strict with this rule? I am already saving them 46kg by only taking 1 suitcase so thought we should be fine with a 4kg car seat instead but apparently not. Thanks for any advice!

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