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Thailand with a 11mth old - her clothes!

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GiraffesHaveMoreFun Sun 28-Aug-11 18:02:18

We're going to Thailand in January - DD will be nearly one.

Would you recommend a UV wetsuit, [[ like this?] or will she just get too hot in it?

Also, I've seen these clothes on sale - UV 50 and plan to get her some. Do you think it's worth it, and which would be the most useful items?

Any other tips welcome...

ripstheirthroatoutliveupstairs Mon 29-Aug-11 07:34:07

Depending on where you go, the UV stuff could be useful, could be useless. My DD spent four years in Bangkok. I seldom used sunscreen on her while we were in Bangkok, the pollution is so bad sun couldn't really get through.
She did wear a two piece UV swimsuit because t makes nappy changing much easier.
IIWY, I would just take ordinary clothes and use plenty of sun cream and a hat.
Do take re usable swim nappies, if you rinse them out they will dry by the morning.

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