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How was/is your holiday?

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wotabouttheworkers Tue 23-Aug-11 11:31:02

Currently in the Algarve with DD who is almost 17. She's very gregarious and has made friends so is off swimming, clubbing, banana-boating etc. I am fine with being on my own so lots of walking, swimming, reading etc. Realise the bucket and spade days are long, long over and will be holidaying on my own from now on (probably walking somewhere remote and exciting). Am on MN today because I am flaked out through heat and late nights and too much vinho verde. I look back longingly at the bucket and spade holidays of my youth. Hope not too many of you had a difficult time away with recalcitrant children DHs, DPs this summer. What have your experiences been this year? What have been your best family holidays? Sorry for any of you that can't manage holidays for financial reasons or whatever - been there, done that & used to buy half a dozen sacks of play sand and make a "beach" in our then tiny garden, covered with bin bags and bricks to keep it dry if it rained.

Collision Tue 23-Aug-11 11:33:37

Just had a fortnight in Tuscany which was hot but fab!

We had to stay inside for a lot of the day as it was just too hot for anything inc swimming but the boys were happy and I read a lot and DH napped a lot.

Have come home to pouring rain but it is nice to be cool now and the boys are playing on the Wii.

2 more weeks to go and then back at school sad

glad you are having a nice holiday though.

girlywhirly Tue 23-Aug-11 12:26:06

It's very different having an adult holiday. I remember holidaying with a small child, with husband and his mother, and the next year his sister as well. Lots of diplomacy required. I loved them, but a fortnight together was just about my limit. Glad to return, even though the holidays were generally good. SIL (in her 20's) was the one who had a meltdown over something and nothing one year, hardly a shining example to her young nephew, shouting at her mum and storming off! Also, husband was rather lazy a lot of the time. If he could leave stuff to others he did.

These days DS is grown up, and I have married again, so hols tend to be much more laid back and enjoyable with just ourselves to please. (And a DH who doesn't moan all the time and criticise is so much nicer.) We are going to Kephalonia soon, to a hotel we know well so am looking forward to that, a lovely relaxing time.

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