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MugglesandLuna Fri 19-Aug-11 15:57:05

Has anyone ever been to Parkdean? I am thinking of booking us in for a week at Easter. The accommodation looks quite nice. Are they like Butlins or a bit quieter?

DisgustedofTumbridgeWells Fri 19-Aug-11 16:13:22

I've been to 3 Parkdean sites. They're all different TBH - some are busy with lots of activities, others are a lot quieter with low key activities. Which one are you looking at?

mummymeister Fri 19-Aug-11 16:16:37

Agree with DOTW. each one has its own character. the bigger ones tend to be a bit butlins but the smaller ones less so. why are you going for a caravan rather than a cottage. if you compare costs, cottages have started to come out cheaper though you have to search to find one with plenty to do.

MugglesandLuna Fri 19-Aug-11 16:25:14

We have been looking at Warmwell in Dorset. DS is a big dinosaur fan and he wants to go to the Jurassic coast to try and dig up some dinosaurs.

DisgustedofTumbridgeWells Fri 19-Aug-11 16:34:03

Ah I haven't been to Warmwell so I've no idea what it's like. I would recommend Parkdean in general though. It depends what you're looking for really, the entertainment it is a bit like Butlins, but not as 'in your face' so it's easy to avoid if you don't enjoy it.

DD loved it though and made lots of friends which meant we got some peace grin

NHScutback Fri 19-Aug-11 19:51:49

I thought it was a bit rough to be honest. We went to the one in Dorset and had the top of the range accommodation which wasn't very clean or comfortable. I recall shiny mattresses and no luxuries. The cheaper lodges were minging. Pool was dirty and run down and entertainment was best avoided. Haven was much nicer.

NHScutback Fri 19-Aug-11 19:53:09

just to add that Warmwell was a bit in the middle of nowhere, you will need a car. That was the rough place I mentioned on my previous post. We went there in 2007.

Natasha1 Fri 19-Aug-11 21:18:37

We went to Waterside Holiday Park in Weymouth which is quite near Warmwell. Waterside is really lovely, you can walk to the beach and they run a bus service into Weymouth which is nice if you want to have a few drinks on an evening.

It also had a really nice pool & spa. We stayed in a privately owned caravan & it was lovely.


MrsGerardButler Fri 19-Aug-11 21:27:23

I've just booked a weekend in the north of Scotland, so will be watching with interest.

MugglesandLuna Fri 19-Aug-11 22:08:56

We looked at Waterside too Natasha - I have the brochure and it does look very nice.

2ddornot2dd Fri 19-Aug-11 22:54:58

I have been to Parkdean twice, and Haven 3 times, but much prefer Parkdean. The entertainment is much better for smaller kids at Parkdean, (mine are aged 3 and 1)but I think that when they get a bit older (over 8ish) they might find some of the entertainment a bit babyish. Haven definately caters for older kids more, but we are planning to stick with Parkdean for the forseeable future.

I must add that the staff and the central premises are always much nicer with Parkdean, the caravans are a bit hit and miss with both.

MugglesandLuna Mon 22-Aug-11 14:32:10

Have bitten the bullet and booked for June next year smile

ChippyMinton Tue 23-Aug-11 08:07:04

Went to Warmwell earlier this year, and have booked to go again, as I was quite impressed, compared to some other parks I won't mention.

The detached timber lodge (it's all lodges, no caravans) was clean, comfortable and very quiet. Pool was fine, with a water slide and wave machine. Didn't go to the bar/entertainment though. And it has a dry ski-slope, which was fun.

MugglesandLuna Tue 23-Aug-11 09:34:47

Thats great to hear grin

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