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How many Euros do I need to take to Disneyland Paris?

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monoid Wed 17-Aug-11 14:14:49

DD and I are going to Disneyland Paris over bank holiday weekend and I don't know how much I will need to spend. Only booked bed and breakfast at the hotel so will need to buy lunch and dinner. Also, is everything at Disneyland included in the park tickets? And what about the obligatory crap souvenirs you have to buy?
Any guidance much appreciated.

MugglesandLuna Wed 17-Aug-11 20:12:25

Food is very expensive. When we went (2 adults 2 children) we took 200 euros for each day we were there and we nearly spent out.

mollymole Wed 17-Aug-11 20:20:27

are you staying in a disney hotel or off site - so will you need to buy park entry tickets or have they already been paid for - assuming they are paid for
it costs a small fortune to eat at disney, and sundries like drinks/ice cream in the park are also very expensive - you could get away with just the ticket price, but the evening on site entertainment can also be very expensive - i would reckon on a minimum of 50 euros per person per day and even more if you are buying evening meals at disney
if you are staying out of disney you may get away with paying less for your meals and perhaps buy picnic food to take with you

monoid Wed 17-Aug-11 21:01:19

Thanks to you both, that's a great help. I didn't have any idea what seemed realistic!
I am staying at Disney so I suppose it'll cost a small fortune. It'd better be worth it!

ginmakesitallok Wed 17-Aug-11 21:03:01

One tip - if you are planning on letting your kids dress up - buy them something from disney store before you go - costs ££££££££ in disney

monoid Wed 17-Aug-11 21:12:10

Cheers ginmakesitallok. Will definitely think about that.

Geordieminx Wed 17-Aug-11 21:50:40

Once in the parks is everything free apart from souveniers and food/drink or are there going to be rides etc that require €?

zipzap Fri 19-Aug-11 00:40:39

We've just got back and found that we ended up eating in mcDonalds every day for lunch (3 days) because it was one of the cheapest places to eat and we knew the boys would eat there as it is a big and rare treat usually. One in particular is a really fussy eater and the little one whilst good at eating usually can get fussy if he's tired or in strange surroundings or if his brother is kicking off about eating.

Luckily they do salads which were OK for me - very few places seem to do anything salady. DS2 (3) all he wanted to eat when asked was cucumber which we had taken some with us but not enough and had to buy more later. They also have melon packets in the happy meals as well as an additional 4th item which were nice and refreshing, we tended to take them back into the park with us and have them as mid afternoon snacks. Other good thing about it was they were usually quite quick - some of the disney places looked like they had long queues.

One evening we drove to the local shopping centre (Val D'Europe) where there is a big Auchan hypermarket where we picked up some bits and bobs, and also a few nice restaurants at the other end. We ended up in a nice pizza and pasta place called something like Restaurant del Arte which was very nice and had a little pizza/pasta kiddie menu.

If we had been there longer we might have gone back and tried out a pasta fast food restaurant that was open more or less opposite auchan. they had big trays of fresh pasta, you said what pasta you wanted and they would dunk a small/med/large scoop of fresh pasta into a big vat of boiling water they had there (think like chips going into oil in a chip shop but with fresh pasta and water so a whole lot healthier!) and then mix it with one of their fresh sauces (quite a few on offer, some standard, some specials I think) and give it to you to take away in a carton that looked a bit like the chinese food cartons that you see on american tv series.

they also did a happy meal equivalent for kids. SOunds weird but having seen it, it's actually a great idea and nice if you wanted fresh pasta to take away. We also tried to grab a pizza to eat in the room from auchan but they had sold out of their ready cooked ones.

Second night none of us were particularly hungry so we just grabbed a sandwich and bit of salad from the casino/relay mini supermarket in the DLP train station just outside the gates of Disneyland. Sandwiches were a bit British Rail circa 1980; I had a slice of their pizza that they zapped in the shop for me and apart from the fact that all the cheese slid down whilst carrying it home it was surprising reasonable for something cheap and cheerful

If you are in the disney hotels they ahve a big but basic breakfast buffet. If you are staying in the santa fe or cheyenne hotels it is even more basic apparently. You might be able to get a voucher to eat in DLP rather than your hotel, they give them out the day before apparently but go quickly as the breakfast is better than the 2 hotels listed above. Queue for our breakfast was about 10 people for the 7.45 ticket, no queue for the 7.00 ticket (but a real shock to the system getting up that early!). However coming out the queues were LONG - like 20-30 minutes worth of queue. Definitely worth going in a bit earlier as you don't want to waste time queuing when you are going to spend so much time in a queue for rides later in the day!

Figgygirl Fri 19-Aug-11 04:32:17

There are only two things that cost extra in the Disney parks - the amusement arcade in Discoveryland, and the shooting gallery in Frontierland. Don't bother with either. The shooting gallery used to work well, and our boys liked having a go hitting targets and making things move etc, but last time my eldest ( now adult ) son tried it many of the targets were not working. ( he was definitely hitting them ).
And why go to DLP to spend time in an arcade? It should never have been added IMO.

Prices and money -
Curent prices and menus of fast food, buffets and table service restos in resort can be seen on this site. They are usually fairly up to date.

Also see the ongoing PRICES thread on the TA DIsneyland Paris / Marne La Vallee forums. Forum posters add prices of food/ drink/ merchandise after their trips and I have added quite a lot from my visits.

Also see the Top Questions list about how much things cost and saving money in Disneyland. Click on the question for various useful threads.

We don't spend much money there now if we have Half Board vouchers, although our boys used to like souvenir Tshirts, Trading Pins, soft toys, caps etc. We take extra money for a day in Paris usually. With buffet breakfast and dinner in the evening, we don't need much for lunch, just a snack from a stand in the parks. ( I love the trio of doughnuts ).

Keep kids spending money in their own purse/ envelope/ coin bag so they know how much they have, and can decide what to buy. This helps stop them wanting everything in sight. ( made my DS2 far more careful instead of ' want want want '.)

Figgygirl Fri 19-Aug-11 05:03:44

Agree with taking Princess dresses etc with you, unless prepared to pay € 45 upwards for one in resort.
You can buy costumes and dresses online more cheaply, from catalogues, and also check high street shops like Argos, and some card shops that sell fancy dress clothes.
Also worth looking on ebay for authentic Disney Princess dresses being sold second hand.

Take small plastic drinks bottles to fill at the drinking water fountains in both parks - some people take a small bottle of neat squash and make up other bottles or kids beakers during the day.

If you buy food or drink at food stands or fast food places, check your receipt as they usually offer a free drink later in the day. ( buy things separately to get more receipts ). Also look out for receipts that people leave lying around or drop.

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