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Wanting to do a cycling holiday in France on a budget

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Orbinator Tue 16-Aug-11 19:36:56

I vividly remember a lovely holiday cycling through flat empty fields as a teen - no main roads just windmills and trees. I have a feeling it was in Dordogne but really am not 100% sure. It always comes back to me as my perfect holiday and I am hoping to re-create it or do something at least similar. We stayed in a châteaux back in early 90's and just hired bikes in the local village. I'm looking to spend around £400 for 7 nights if possible, inc basic flights.

Anyone got any tips/ideas on where to go and stay with an under 1yr old to do this? Am I being naive in thinking I can cycle with an under 1 on a bike? As I mentioned no main roads and nothing to strenuous like mountain biking smile Any help greatly appreciated.

AKMD Tue 16-Aug-11 20:52:12

The best holiday I ever had was cycling through France with my mum one summer. We took the Bike Express instead of flights and cycled along the Rhine (there is a cycle path from Strasbourg that runs along the river almost the whole way to Basel), staying at Youth Hostels along the way. We went for 4 weeks and in total it cost around £2000 (this was in 2002 though!) so it worked out very cheaply.

If you wanted to stay in one place, Bordeaux is quite flat but more holiday lets in a region further north could work out cheaper (and there are still no mountains). Chez Nous is a good place to start for holiday cottages (gites).

Orbinator Wed 17-Aug-11 20:45:02

Thank you so much and sorry for the belated reply! Hands full with a newborn atm!

Will look into both sites - had no idea about bike express - wish I had before I got pregnant now! Will possibly have to wait a few years for that now...

Thanks again for your response smile

AKMD Fri 19-Aug-11 20:34:29

You're welcome. Bike Express has been running for ages so I expect it will still be around when you're ready for it smile

Congratulations on the newborn!

Simonfitz Mon 22-Aug-11 14:07:00

Also try "Breton Bikes" run by a British family in Brittany. We went as two families both with 3 year olds who had a trailer each. They offer camping or B&B options. One of the best holidays we've ever had - probably the best with children. Have to make your own way their but very simple in a car on the auto routes from Caen (toll free). We did the Binic & Back route - all on very quite back roads which are far better than our rural roads. A bit undulating but what goes up must come down - makes it more interesting than canal towpaths. Even if you don't book with them they have a plethora of tips for cycling with kids. Enjoy.

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