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Overnight ferry crossing w/ 2yo DD - tips?

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Elpis Sun 14-Aug-11 16:26:24

First we have to get to Portsmouth Harbour by train from Waterloo. Then we're catching the overnight ferry to St-Malo. I've booked a cabin with a porthole so pray she'll sleep through, but does anyone have tips? Oh, and she's newly potty trained, and DH isn't coming...

kittensliveupstairs Mon 15-Aug-11 09:11:41

Althought it will all be exciting hmm and new for her, try to keep her bedtime routine the same as normal.
I've taken DD on many overnight flights and she flew in nightwear and as I said, we kept to the same routing as much as possible.
Not sure about the potty training thing, maybe she'll enjoy the ships toilets?

Elpis Tue 16-Aug-11 23:53:03

Good advice! We have an ensuite cabin that I hope will fulfil any curiosity about ships' toilets. And if things get really bad we can heave in privacy.

DH has loaded my iPad with Peppa Pigs so she can have her pre-bedtime fix, and I'll bring as many books as I can stuff into the suitcase.

OllieinOrange Wed 17-Aug-11 17:21:22

Hi Elpis - I often do an overnight ferry with my 2 DSs and once they get over the whole excitement of being in a cabin/bouncing on beds/looking out of window etc, they settle down and then sleep right through the night - even if its a rough crossing.

Depending on your departure time, some ships have a small play area next to a cafe which may be nice to go to (if you can find your way back to the cabin - I speak from experience smile.

I would travel light - as often I end up having to take the stairs on the ferry as lifts often get full up as disembarkation Instead of books - maybe download some book apps onto iPad - like the interactive Three Little Pigs one which is v good.
HTH - and enjoy your trip!

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