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Paris apartment or hotel- which areas to avoid if poss?!

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Erebus Fri 12-Aug-11 18:00:35

We don't mind a metro ride into Paris. We're a family of 4 with 2 x DSs, 10 and 12 looking for accom where the boys can go to bed undisturbed ie a bedroom + living room sofa bed is fine.

What we want to avoid is areas which are dangerous or not-very-nice at night. I know that's hard in that one street can be fine, the adjoining one dodgy, but as a rule of thumb, where would you recommend to either use or avoid? We don't have a huge budget so couldn't afford 'central'. It'd be for 3 nights, using the place as a base.


Gastonladybird Fri 12-Aug-11 18:13:22

Have you searched tripadvisor? Also about 3 weeks or so ago was a thread on shorthuak about staying In Paris for a few nights that had tips.

Figgygirl Tue 16-Aug-11 23:19:50

Avoid staying in the Pigalle area of Montmartre, which is where the red light district and Moulin Rouge is, and rather seedy.
Also Montmartre is quite a way from the centre of Paris and other sights, so involves a fair bit of travelling each time to get to places. Other parts of Montmartre are nice though, near Sacre Coeur and the artists areas.
It is better to be more central if you can, so you don't waste so much time getting from A to B, and it is nice to be able to walk to some places without always using the metro.
If you can share a quad room, this 2 star hotel is family run, has good reviews, and is in a quiet one way street in a good location for sightseeing, in the Latin Quarter, near Notre Dame and 20 mins walk to the Louvre.

Agree that people on the Trip Advisor Paris forum can help with hotels for families and apartment rental, and any info in general.

katiewins22 Thu 18-Aug-11 12:33:04

Hello - We had similar problem. Tried hotels with family rooms but most really tiny or far out of the central area.

Eventually booked with centreparis (french agency). You pay half upfront by paypal or card and the remainder on arrival. We had great size apartment for Paris. It was Temple 6 which slept 2 in a double bedroom and 2 on a sofa bed in sitting room/kitchen. decent size shower room as well. It has good reviews on trip advisor. Apartment is situated very close to Place de Republique (lived in area but always felt very safe and apartment on 3rd floor at back of building so very quiet). Great bakery on corner. Hope this helps. Centreparis have large selection of apartments and having used them once I would happily use again. Price very reasonable - cant remember exact but I think we paid in the region of 110 euros per night . Happy hunting. Kate

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