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Turkey - Club Mermaid Village - Antalya

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rockinhippy Fri 12-Aug-11 11:28:22

Due to my DHs employers being absolute prats & suddenly putting a ban on any un booked Sept holidays due to expected workload angry - also not having booked yet due to waiting on DDs new passport turning up - which it finally did yesterdayhmm -

On looking on the net, prices are either ridiculous, or nothing left at all - we did want Egypt, South Sinai area for the diving etc, but bar Sharm - which isn't for us, there is only one Nile cruise left shock - which having just asked about cruising on the Nile & kids on a cruise forum, realise its no good for us either.

I have come up with the Hotel complex above - again all thats left within reasonable flight time, doesn't need jabs etc & is pretty reasonable compared to other things ATM - I've only ever been to Turkey for work, so it will be new for me IYSWIM, DD really likes the idea of Turkey & DH doesn't mind & can probably find diving there too - though not red sea standard obviously, seems there are some interesting spots - we do want AI as though I used be a hardened traveller, find this to be great for DD as she has the freedom to help herself - IYSWIM

HOWEVER - on checking the place out I am getting very mixed reviews - from brilliant, to horrendous & little in betweenconfused - most worrying was one posted the other week complaining of dirty pools causing ear infections etc - we got caught out badly with a Cape Verde Isle Trip a couple of years ago, so I am very wary of putting us through anything like that again - it really was on ordeal, not a holidayangry

So I'm asking, have any of you been to this hotel complex & what is YOUR honest opinion of it

Thanks smile

rockinhippy Fri 12-Aug-11 13:10:32

Anyone?? smile

couldtryharder Sat 13-Aug-11 23:02:17

Don't know that particular resort, but we've done Club Med 3 times and it's always been very good, especially the quality and variety of food. The best we went to was the Palmiyer (sp?) Club Med in Turkey. Very clean, very lovely setting. But it can be very hot in Turkey this time of year. Good luck, hopw you find the right holiday.

rockinhippy Sat 13-Aug-11 23:21:43

Thanks for your reply - we've decided to wait until the October Hols & go to Taba (Egypt) as we originally wanted too, after our Cape verde ordeal none of us are keen to risk a repeat of that so felt it best to wait & have more time & choice - thanks again though smile

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