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Sharm el sheikh - opinions please - your best hotels!

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buktus Thu 11-Aug-11 07:34:16

Thinking about sharm for next may would love to hear your opinions, best hotels, best things to see and do, etc

Figgygirl Thu 11-Aug-11 12:45:45

I know a few people who recommend the Baron Palms All Inclusive hotel. My sister is there now, and says it is lovely. A friend of hers had stayed there and recommended it to them.
You can read reviews on Trip Advisor.

Figgygirl Thu 11-Aug-11 12:50:37

If you need advice and info about Sharm, in addition to any help from Mumsnet posters, see the Trip Advisor Sharm el Sheikh forum where experts can help.
Lots of posters ask about hotels and where to stay.

Rocky12 Thu 11-Aug-11 16:15:13

Four Seasons. A little out of town but away from the noise.

nenevomito Thu 11-Aug-11 16:17:01

I've stayed in the Renaissance Golden Beach View hotel, which was great, but not if you are planning on taking a buggy as there are about a million steps.

Have also stayed at the Coral Sea resort, which was lovely, and flat!

LostInTransmogrification Thu 11-Aug-11 16:23:11

Hilton at Sharks Bay is nice. You have to pay a bit more to stay in the new bit but it has lovely pools and only two storeys so not too many stairs. The older part is still nice and is closer to the beach if you like snorkelling. May is quite hot though, we tend to stick to Dec/Jan as it's still in the 30s but not too hot.

bluesky Sun 14-Aug-11 20:09:37

Hyatt is fantastic, has it's own reef, so you don't have to go out and pay extra for snorkelling trips. Great choice of food/restaurants.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 15-Aug-11 13:23:46

If you have kids then aqua blu is very good. Has a fantastic water park in the grounds.

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