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8 hour flight with a noisy 22 month old

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Kathryn31 Wed 10-Aug-11 17:43:50

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone has any advice for us. We are about to embark on our first foreign holiday in 4 years (been long awaited for!). We are off to hopefully sunny Florida with a 22 month old and his two brothers aged 5 and 8. The two older ones should be fine, packed plenty of activities for them! But my goodness our youngest has just this week decided to screach at the top of his lungs when he wants something, is tired, is frustrated, is hungry, you get the idea... I know this will have happened with the other two, but it probably didn't matter so much with them, we certainly didn't do anything foolish like travel in a confined space with lots of other passengers to think about with them at that age!!

We have got some things for him, a couple of simple sticker books and obviously will take some snacks, but he also enjoys throwing his toys sometimes (I am tackling this too, I've made him sound terrible, but I know he is just the usual 22 month old boy - with lots of energy & two older brothers!!) - so I am not going to really take any "toys" as such, the likely hood of them being hurled over our heads when he gets tired doesn't bear thinking about...

I have actually placed him on the "naughty step" (aren't I awful) for a minute, but I really don't think he is grasping why, plus can't really do this on the plane! There is no tears, he can do this too, when he enters full tantrum mode, but mostly it's the screaching that is getting to me at the moment. We do try not to give in to his demands when he is like this, makes life harder in the long run...

Does anyone have any advice or tips, how do we cope on the plane, mainly so other passengers don't have to suffer!! and/or any tips for trying to tackle this in the next week before we go?

Any advice much appreciated,
yours sincerly a very worried mum xx

boredbroker Thu 11-Aug-11 12:36:25

Firstly, I know its easier said than done but please don't stress yourself before you have even got on the plane, I know its stressful but if you are anxious yourself ,you will be in no state of mind to try & cope with a toddlers little tantrums or to pacify the little ones as well.

I always found that boarding the plane last was much easier than being first, I know you want to get on as quickly as possibly & to get yourself comfortable, but the longer you are waiting for others to board & get themselves sorted the longer you are spending on a plane & the quicker the children get bored.

If you are worried that the over head lockers are all full by the time you board, don't worry, because a quite word in the air hosts ear that could she move peoples stuff from above your head because you have children that need their stuff close by usually does the trick.

believe me the air host will do anything to keep the kids quite, it makes their life easy.

Good Luck & have a great holiday & remember you are on holiday, so no stress.

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