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Any problems with going to Dsney Paris as 1 adult and 1 child?

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Geordieminx Wed 10-Aug-11 10:08:57

Dh really doesn't want to come, so am thinking of going just ds and I, he'll be 4.5.

Is there any logisitical problems with just being 1 adult as far as rides and stuff are concerned?

Probably sounds daft, but I'm just trying to figure it all out in my head before I book?


NannyR Thu 11-Aug-11 09:33:51

I took my 4 year old nephew a couple of years ago on my own - we had a great time. I can't think of any problems we had due to there only being two of us. I'm taking my niece next year at the same age. The only thing I'm going to do differently is to book into a nicer hotel with a pool - we stayed in the Santa Fe which was fine just as somewhere to sleep, but it was quite tiring for a 4 year old to be in the park all day and it would have been nice to have a break after lunch, maybe a nap and a swim.

Figgygirl Thu 11-Aug-11 12:32:00

A single friend of ours took her young daughter regularly at least twice a year from when the park opened.
They always had a good time and loved it there, but there are some downsides to being on your own, so good to go with a friend if possible if DH won't go with you.
If you share a room for 4, it works out cheaper.
If you have got a good place to watch a parade, then suddenly DS needs the loo, you will lose your place unless someone will keep it for you.

In fast food places it is easier if you can find a table first, then one of you get the food while the other stays with kids. If you are on your own with a child, eat at quiet times to save looking for a table carrying a loaded tray with kid in tow, or find a table first within view of the counter so you can keep an eye on them.

In summer, my friend did not see the fireworks or electrical parade until her daughter was older, or if we went at the same time, as her DD needed to be in bed at her usual time. She could sometimes see the fireworks from her hotel room, but not the same as being in the park. With two adults, one can take kids back so the other can stay in the park until closing.

Mother/ daughter is probably easier concerning the loos. When I took my boys anywhere on my own when they were young, I didn't really like them going into the gents without dad with them, so they came into the ladies with me. Obviously they get to that age when they don't want to go into the ladies, so I just waited by the gents exit. At least being inside the Disney parks should be safer than outside public areas, so not such a concern.

It is difficult for one parent with young kids to use the babyswitch/ childswop facility so they can go on rides that are unsuitable for their children - or if one child is tall enough but the other is not.

If one adult is travelling with young kids, I recommend booking a private transfer from/ to airports rather than using the VEA bus which can involve some hanging around on arrival, and getting luggage and kids to the VEA stop in terminal 2E/F ( CDG airport ) and then maybe the shuttle bus from Disney to your hotel if you are staying in one of the associated hotels.
Much easier being met at arrivals and taken straight to your hotel, then the same for return.
One way costs € 60 - € 70. Some companies have a DVD player in their vehicles with a Disney movie for kids.

I would still rather take a child/ children on my own rather than not go at all!
Go at a quiet time if possible, so ride queues are shorter. Make sure kids have been to the loo, and that you have drinks/ snacks before joining a ride queue or getting a place for a show or parade.
Staying in a Disney hotel or associated hotel onsite does make it easier. The Disney hotel pools open at 3pm - 10pm. ( Disneyland Hotel pool is open all day ). Book early breakfast slot so the buffet is not crowded and you can get a table easily. The Explorers Hotel pool is open all day I think, and has slides for kids.
In the Cheyenne and Santa Fe hotels breakfast buffets you find your own table, so if you leave it unattended to get more food, someone else could take it. With more of you, you can take it in turns to go to the buffet.
In the Sequoia, Newport, New York and DLH you are shown to your table, so no one else can sit there until you have finished.

The advantage of taking one child on their own is that they can choose exactly what they want to do or where to eat, or when to go back to the hotel if they are tired, without trying to keep other kids happy as well.

My friend used to have to pay adult price for her daughter as only two in the room, but I think that Disney now offer the kids under 7 stay and play free with one adult, so no longer as expensive for single parents.

Geordieminx Thu 11-Aug-11 12:40:58

Thanks again so much Figgy.

I think it will be fine, and if I am honest I would rather go the 2 of us than with friends and worry about pleasing everyone! grin

He's only 4 so the toilets hopefully won't be a problem, and we are going to book NYC so breakfast will be easier, and we'll be able to use the pool.

Have priced it all on the DLP website (6-9nov), but as per your post on TA, I'm gonna give them a ring tonight to see if they can give me a better price over the phone.

I must have read every post on the TA forum, as you said ob the other thread, the more info you have the better the trip will be grin

Figgygirl Thu 11-Aug-11 12:43:04

If using the Eurostar it is easier to book the Express Checkin Service, so they take your bags/ cases to your hotel on arrival at Chessy, and back to the station on the last day.
You can then go straight into the parks on arrival, and spend maximum time in the park before leaving on your last day.
Collect your luggage from the Disney Express Desk about 40 mins before your return train time.

Geordieminx Thu 11-Aug-11 12:52:07

Unfortunately we are in sunny Scotland so are flying grin

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