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Flying BA -advice please

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LIZS Sun 07-Aug-11 19:54:36

Not flown with BA for a few years so wondering if anyone can advise please. We booked our flights via a tour operator as part of a package. Do we need to complete passport details etc online beforehand ? What food is served on shorthaul flights - we're flying morning and mid evening ? tia

CMOTdibbler Sun 07-Aug-11 20:04:28

No, they don't need passport details. Food depends on just how far you are going, but is generally just a sandwich round europe on ba

dontwotzme Mon 08-Aug-11 18:18:43

If you booked it as part of a package the Tour OP should give your a PNR / Locator Ref (different to your e-ticket number) and you can use the BA website and use MANAGE MY BOOKING to view your flight and schedule times & YOU can add your own passport details, contact numbers and select meals etc. Shorthaul meals wilL have less meal options than long haul, depending on route/flight time. On domestic UK to UK flights its a hot drink and a small snack.

Some Tour OPs don't provide this PNR flight Ref, until you have paid the holiday balance in full. Don't know why not. But once you have a BA flight booking, it will be on the BA system for you to view by using the PNR / Locator Ref.

E-ticket numbers won't be issued until full payment, so you won't be able to print out your boarding card and travel by using only the PNR / Locator Ref.
E-ticket numbers are issued, after the airline get full payment.

Pre-select seats should be free online from 24 hours before departure.

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