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Citybreak in Hamburg?

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ThePopsicleKat Wed 03-Aug-11 12:57:15

I've just booked 3 nights in Hamburg for my boyfriend and I for mid-August. Was just wondering if anyone has been there/has any tips, experiences, must-sees? I speak a little German from school but am hoping we won't have to solely rely on that and that some people will speak English!

NinaHagen Thu 04-Aug-11 22:58:35

Hamburg is great! I don't know how old you are or what you like to do when travelling, but the Reeperbahn is very popular. It's the red light district, but there are a lot of good pubs/bars, theatres etc there too, so don't let the dodgy elements put you off. (And it's where the Beatles played.)

The bit around the Alster is very pretty. The Speicherstadt is great for a bit of history (check out the Alter Elbtunnel), and if you want to see the new district that is being built at the moment (Hafen City, I think).

If you like art there is the Kunsthalle, there are some good museums as well. The opera, numerous theatres.

There's an observatory (Planetarium), if you like parks, I recommend the Stadtpark as well as Planten un Bloomen.

Everyone under about 60yo can speak English, and the vast majority of people are extremely helpful and lovely.

Where are you staying?

ThePopsicleKat Thu 04-Aug-11 23:54:24

Oh brilliant, i'm looking forward to it even more now smile I booked it a bit impulsively! We're 21 and just graduated uni, so felt like blowing off a bit of steam and doing something new.

I've heard a lot about the Reeperbahn, quite intrigued to check it out (and apparently there is a museum of erotic art around there too?). I think we'd like to see a bit of everything we can while we're there - art, history, and debauchery!

We're staying in a brand new hotel which looks quite central - in the St Georg district, between the Alster and the Elbe, so hopefully right in the middle of things.

Sadly I think we'll be a bit too late for this interesting piece of art!

Have you been there often? smile

NinaHagen Sat 06-Aug-11 12:33:00

I used to live there, but now don't really get a chance to visit very often. sad

I think St Georg is a good place to stay to explore different areas. Eimsbüttel is the studenty area, there's always lots going on in St Pauli. Barmbek is good for typical Hamburg working class charm. Blankenese is good for looking at big posh houses and there's a beach.
I'd also really recommend doing a tour of the canals.

Have fun! smile

justbecareful Sat 06-Aug-11 22:21:57

Hamburg is wonderful (apart from the dogshit) a must is the canal boat tour, the beer, the Germany.

hermioneweasley Sun 14-Aug-11 08:46:16

I go for work, so can't recommend any tourist attractions, but I can confirm that everyone speaks English. Getting the taxi back to the airport I was practising "terminal schwei bitte" but even the taxi driver spoke perfect English

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