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HELP !!! need advice on travelling with a 10 month old!!!!!!

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pugsmum Mon 01-Aug-11 10:37:14

my son is 10 months and we are going to kefalonia , greace for a friends wedding luckily we he has 4 god mothers who we are very close to and they will all be with us for the hol so we have a lot of eyes and ears around as he is crawling and pullin himself up already and we still have a month before we go......

However i have no idea what to pack for him ; do we need to take a whole week worth of food and nappies ? or wil i t be ok to take a few days worth and buy them out there and how do i find out this info?

do we take our steraliser or do we boil ?

also does any1 have any advise on keepin him 'sun safe ' ? and how i handle his bed times and nap times etc ?

plus any other advice that u think we may need wud be much appreciated

all advice wud b fantastic ...

love pugs mum

UpsyDozy Mon 01-Aug-11 16:23:36

Ok, try to chill!

It's worth packing some food for him, some pouches of plum baby or something like that in case you struggle finding anything he likes for a couple of days. I'm fairly certain you will be able to buy nappies, wipes & nappy bags out there! Are you going to a quite touristy area? If so I'm sure there will be supermarkets you can go to.

I would take some milton tablets and sterilising bags with you, although I had stopped sterilising by 10 months. Are you bottle feeding or breastfeeding?
If bottle feeding, I usually take a bottle of antibacterial washing up liquid and a bottle brush with me. That way I can wash bottles/plates/bowls in hot soapy water and rinse with bottled water if I'm worried about the local tap water.

Would certainly invest in a sun suit or some such SPF bathing suit. have a quite good selection. Plus sun hat, sun cream.

In terms of time difference, I was told that you should ignore the time difference, reset your watch to local time as soon as you get off the plane and act accordingly. He may be a bit unsettled at first but they adapt quicker and you're not running around looking at 2 watches trying to fit his UK schedule into a Greek time frame!

A portable DVD player with a couple of Night Garden/Peppa Pig/Whatever he's into will most certainly come in handy on the plane!

Hope that helps, have a good trip! smile

pugsmum Tue 02-Aug-11 17:09:45

awsome some really good tips there thanx loads upsy dosey...

yer i am bottle feeding so thats a great help ..
so i dont need to steralise anymore?? lol i didnt think to stop to b honest or ask wen i need to stop steralizing!!

so keep on english time even when away? he has a fairly strict routine and a bedtime routine with bath, music, bottle etc any tips on if i should re create this abroad or scrap it while away ??

we already have a uv sun suit and hat also bought one of those buggy sheilds that is upf 50 bug proof wind proof .. bomb proof etc (joke )lol
and a sun tent

great tip for the plain!.. i am not too worried if he is hard work on the plain as i am terrified of flying so if he is a little hard work it will take my mind off it .

i was wondering what to dress him in sholud i keep him covered or strip him to a vest and nappy and smother him in sun lotion ???

UpsyDozy Thu 04-Aug-11 12:52:24

Sterilising seemed a bit of a waste of time the day I found my DD eating one of my flip flops! grin

I think the time difference in Greece is 4 hours no? Might be a bit tricky and restrictive to keep him on UK time while you are there, I would keep to a basic schedule but just look at your watch local (Greek) time and work to that. As I said, he might be a bit unsettled for the first day or so but I found mine seemed to adapt a bit quicker if I just assumed the new time zone!

The good thing is that if he already has a very settled routine, then the first night you are there those early evening pre-bed activities like bath...changing...bottle will get him into the 'going to bed' mindset as they do in the UK so will help him adjust! I wouldn't scrap your routine altogether while you are away, if he's a baby that likes routine then that's fine! Just try to relax and not worry too much if occasionally he's a bit off schedule. As long as he eats/drinks enough and doesn't nap too late into the afternoon the rest will sort itself out.

I actually found mine to be very adaptable, my DS LOVED napping in his pram by the pool! Just remember you're on holiday too!

As for clothes, little shorts & t-shirts + loads of suncream? Whatever you think will be comfortable. When it was baking hot in the US we did have our DD in just her nappy! Mine ran around in their sun suits all day while we were by the pool. You can always by more than one to change him if he gets wet. Watch out for those sun tents, my friend had one and they couldn't use it because it was stiflingly hot inside it!

Grobag do a great 0.5 or 1 tog grobag (can't remember which) that is very very light and nice for on holiday.

ENJOY yourselves!! smile

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