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how long does it take to get a pass port for a baby?

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addictediam Sun 31-Jul-11 15:06:13

and how do you speed it up abit?

its her first passport, we wanted to go away at the end of auguse (26/08/11) but will she get a passport in time?


UpsyDozy Sun 31-Jul-11 19:44:09

If you've got flights booked then you can call up for an emergency appointment and you have to go to the embassy and basically queue up for half a day (at least that was my experience!). Otherwise if you do all the forms and then do check & send at the post office AND pay extra for an express delivery service you might be ok.

Unfortunately it's a bit chicken and egg!

malovitt Sun 31-Jul-11 19:48:44

You need to be interviewed for a first time passport. Make an appointment at your local passport office.

addictediam Sun 31-Jul-11 20:45:05

my 9mo daughter will need to be interviewed hmm shock really?!

no flights booked just yet, just decided today wee wanted to go away then thought 'oh no, we dont have a passport for dd!'

might just do a uk holiday this time and get her a passport for the future

Marmight Sun 31-Jul-11 22:50:01

An adult has to be interviewed for their first passport.
A child does not.
My dd who is 2, got her first passport earlier this year and she definitely didn't have an interview. Her picture still had to be counter-signed though.
We applied during Feb and her passport came back within the week.

LoopyLoopsTootyFroots Sun 31-Jul-11 22:53:17

It'll be fine. Paspic are good for the photos (take one, email to them and they put it into correct format.

Check and send is 2 weeks lead time.

(from directgov website)

Travel and transport
Travel and transport
Timetable for passport applications

The Identity and Passport Service (IPS) recommends that you allow six weeks for a first adult passport. There's a range of options for other passport applications, depending on how soon you need to travel. The best advice is to apply early whenever you can.
Allow more time for first adult passports

If you're applying for your first adult passport, you'll need to allow more time than in the past. This is because in most cases you'll need to attend an interview. See ‘Passport interviews’ for more information.

IPS recommends you submit your application six weeks before you need to travel. Don't book any travel arrangements until you have received your new passport.

* Passport interviews

* Checking the progress of your passport application

When to renew your passport

When renewing a passport, you don't have to wait until your passport runs out. You can apply at any time. IPS will add any time left on your old passport to your new passport in whole months - up to nine months. IPS can't carry over more than nine months from your old passport to your new one.

You can renew your passport whenever you wish, but you must pay the full fee. No refund can be given for any unexpired time left in your old passport.
Timetable for applying

These times don't apply to first adult passports. You should allow six weeks for first adult passport applications as you'll usually need to attend an interview.

* Passport interviews

By post - three weeks

IPS aims to return postal applications within three weeks of receiving them. This is provided you have filled in your form properly and sent the correct supporting documents.

If you don't do this, IPS may not be able to issue you a passport in the expected time. For this reason, IPS strongly advises you not to book any travel until you have your new passport.

Online applications - three weeks

The three-week guideline also applies to application forms submitted online.

IPS prints out your completed form and sends the paper copy to you to sign. As with postal applications, IPS doesn't officially receive the application until you have signed the paper form and sent it back with supporting documents.

Post Office Check & Send service - two weeks

The Post Office Check & Send service is available through certain Post Office branches. Your application should take two weeks from the time the branch or agent accepts the application, not including bank and public holidays.

This is not a guaranteed service and may take longer during busy times. IPS advises you not to book any travel until you have your new passport.

The service is explained in detail in ‘The Post Office Check & Send service’.

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