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Fortnight away - how many clothes do you take?

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Hulababy Wed 27-Jul-11 13:38:20

I always take too much for me and 9ydd. So thought i'd ask what you all do and need.

Going away Saturday for a fortnight in Florida. Will be at theme parks pretty much the whole time. No posh meals out. A couple of mornings at water parks, maybe a day at the coast. a couple of the parks involve getting vvv wet. I also suffer v bad with blistered feet when there so footwear is v limited.

What would you take?

EldonAve Wed 27-Jul-11 13:39:18

Any opportunity for washing stuff or not?

MindtheGappp Wed 27-Jul-11 13:41:18

Shorts and teeshirts/vests plus bathing suits.

Will you have a washing machine?

Hulababy Wed 27-Jul-11 19:20:40

Yes, have a villa with a decent washing machine and dryer too. Will def be washing esp as their machines are so fast!

MindtheGappp Wed 27-Jul-11 19:23:12

You can virtually go hand luggage only!

Hulababy Wed 27-Jul-11 20:12:31

Oh - I really can't see that, lol!

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