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Neilsen kids' clubs

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joshandjamie Sat 23-Jul-11 15:36:40


We're about to go to the new Beachclub in Turkey with Neilsen. We've been away with Sunsail previously but never Neilsen. Can anyone tell me whether the kids at the kids clubs get given t-shirts/hats/bags like they do at sunsail? I just remember packing way too many t-shirts last time as they just wore their kids club one all the time. So don't want to make the same mistake.

Also, has anyone been to the new Adakoy resort yet? Any insight as to what it's like?


WhatsWrongWithYou Sat 23-Jul-11 15:41:42

We went to Kenya with older DCs last year (youngest was 9), and I don't remember them being given any bags or t-shirts.

But your best bet is probably to give them a call.

joshandjamie Sat 23-Jul-11 15:47:42

thanks - I have just found this on the website. Hooray. I can pack slightly less

All children aged 4 months to 17 years will find a club to suit them at one of our seven children’s clubs. Each club is especially designed for different age groups and experience, from pampering our really young guests to making sure your teens are never bored. All children attending our children’s clubs up to the age of 12 will receive a UV4O+ protected rash vest, drinks bottle and cooler, drawstring bag and hat, all sporting their club logo.
Up to 12 receive rash vest uv 50+, hat , bottle and bag,

Ladymuck Tue 26-Jul-11 23:42:10

Just back from Neilson Ortakent. Yes you get rash shirt, cap and bag and the kids usually live in them. Ds2 is small for his age and felt his was too big, so he lived in ones that we had brought with us.

Very hot - no trousers or denim needed!

Jo, the fitness instructor from Adakoy, was on holiday in Ortakent - sounds as if it is going well. Obviously everything new this season. Sidewise similar to Ortakent which gives it a friendly feel.

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