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What will I need for 1 week beach/watersports holiday?? (DC 11 & 9)

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whippet Thu 21-Jul-11 22:14:53

We've just booked a late availability beach club holiday (Greece) - leaving next week - eek! - and I'm now in a panic about what I will need for us and the kids.

They'll be in a kids club environment and doing sailing/ kayaking/beach games etc.

Am assuming they will need:

- UV tops and shorts (will one set be enough, or do I need 2 each?)
- croc type sandals
- will they need beach shoes (neoprene type)
- what sort of hat? baseball caps probably not enough protection?

It was easy when they were toddlers, but now they're 'pre-teens' they're a bit more sensitive to 'fitting in'.

Also, what should I wear for things like sailing? Too old and plump for a bikini these days, but want to get a bit of sun!
Have been looking at all the 'Animal'/Quiksilver' type surf/boarding gear, but it all looks a bit young (i.e. thin) for me.. [am a 12/14]

Any advice/ tips/ suggestions?

LIZS Fri 22-Jul-11 08:06:46

Do they provide wetsuits ? ds wears the stretchy shoes rather than crocs for sailing and I'd go for 2 sets so one can be drying while other is worn. Decathlon do relatively inexpensive ones or try TK maxx. For you a tshirt and surf shorts over swimwear.

whippet Fri 22-Jul-11 08:39:33

Thanks LIZ

Don't think wetsuits are provided. I'd assumed because it will be hot that they wouldn't need them (although I know from my own experience you chill down quickly if you spend a lot of time in the water).

Good suggestions about TK Maxx. The problem with leaving so last minute is that it's too late to order anythign online, and the shops are empty of this stuff!

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