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Travelling abroad with an 8 month old. Advice please.

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WaftyCrank Thu 21-Jul-11 10:50:05

We are going to Disneyland Paris in November with DS1 (4), DD (2) and DS2 who will be 8mo.

Any other baby and I wouldn't be too worried, steribottles and milk cartons, however DS2 has an animal milk protein intolerance and is on a hydrolysed formula which you can't buy in cartons so what's the best way to travel with him? Bottled water or tap boiled in the kettle? Is it wise to take a travel kettle just incase?
He'll be weaning then and I had planned on doing BLW to make things a bit easier with his intolerance but will there be things for him to eat there? Or should I pack a few jars just incase?
He's also on ranitadine and gaviscon for severe reflux, can these be taken in hand luggage?

We've found a travel steam steriliser which will make things a bit easier.

Also we are flying with Easyjet, are pushchairs included in your baggage allowance or seperate and can you take them to the plane door?

Sorry for all the questions but we've never taken the DC's abroad and wouldn't have considered it for at least another year but some very lovely family members have paid for it for us.

JellyJenko Thu 21-Jul-11 10:58:55

I know nothing about intollerances, but have just returned from holiday with my 8 month old.

I used my travel kettle for making the bottles (boiled tap water) and for steilising them when I washed them up, and all seemed OK. We took a few sachets/jars of food for emergencies, but then he ate loads of fruit and veg whilst we were there. Also, going to Disneyland, there will be plenty of places selling babyfood, so you should be OK buying stuff there.

Pushchairs are not included in your baggae allowance, and can be taken to the airplane door, but then get stashed in the hold and you collect at baggage reclaim the other end (which means carrying the child through passport control etc).

Airlines tend to be very flexible with medications/food/drinks for babies, so there should be no problem with that in hand luggage.

Hope that helps, and good luck.

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