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Travelling Solo with Toddler and Baby and P +T

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missusmrs Tue 19-Jul-11 08:53:40

Looking for some advice - late in the day(!) but getting a bit anxious.
I'm travelling alone Heathrow - Dublin tomorrow with ds (2.10) and baby (3m) and hoping to do it with the Phil and Ted's....has anyone done this? I have done it before lots with toddler and umbrella stroller but just worrying about the size of P+T - is it allowed? can it go to gate? I have 2nd seat underneath but it might fold better with 2nd seat on top? any tips on folding whilst holding baby and keeping an eye on a toddler? and will I get it at plane in Dublin? (have heard rules have changed and it goes straight to luggage reclaim....). Otherwise I am armed with snacks and toys for toddler and hoping baby sleeps....
Any wise advise to calm my nerves?

OhHelpOhNo Tue 19-Jul-11 09:11:22

Good luck! In a similar situation with a 2.3 and 8m old I used a sling, reins and umbrella stroller, which while exhausting was fine.

Do you really need p&t? I have one and love it but for travelling it was easier without. Every airline/airport seems different with giving pushchairs back, but I'd ask repeatedly at check in for confirmation and again at plane with ground crew and cabin crew.

missusmrs Tue 19-Jul-11 09:16:22

Thanks, ordinarily I would probably not contemplate the P +T but we are going for 3 weeks, will be rural and lots of walking to get anywhere so its more for the other side than the airport.....
Agree re diff policies - eveytime I have flown I have had different experiences re getting stroller back!

londonmackem Tue 19-Jul-11 09:21:35

It will be fine but be aware you need the P&T in the bag as they won't take it in pieces (unless the baby bit will go in a bag?). I would probably have a sling for baby and rucksack reins for toddler just for piece of mind. I flew heathrow to Jersey last year and it was fine.

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