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DH says we can have a holiday - 2 adults, 3 kids, will consider anything.

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branstonsandcheese Sat 16-Jul-11 18:51:08

Well! We had a surprisingly lovely long weekend at a Haven park last easter on a special offer (£150), and that's somewhat stymied us as DH seems to think that is now the expected price range for a holiday for a family of 5 (so most all-inclusives are out now the youngest is over 2, we had a lovely time in Sharm a couple of years ago). Previously our holidays we midweek center parc breaks in termtime or weeks spent with DH's family in Cornwall.

Have sat him down and made him look at how much Haven would be for a week in the summer hols - £800 - and he's agreed to consider something a bit more exciting. Would like to leave the UK.

Looked at Thomson Al Fresco - found lovely-looking park in the vendee for £900 for a week in august but getting there involves £600 ferry and a long drive - is current frontrunner though. Also looked at a villa in mumsnet favourite pollensa but couldn't work out how to get there?

Can anyone suggest anything? Would like: beach, nice pool complex (if a resort/camp place), if possible nice surroundings. Pref. for a week, must be fine for 5 people. Budget around £1.5k(!!) but less if possible. Mustn't be too awful to get to.

Anyone? Beuller?

branstonsandcheese Sat 16-Jul-11 18:52:57

Should add that DH and I are enthusiastic travellers but since our honeymoon we've been 'minibreak in Europe while DCs stay with GPs' people. Younger DCs not yet able to appreciate high culture etc though I intend to take DS1 to Berlin, Barcelona etc just the two or three of us if possible at some point in the future.

GnomeDePlume Sat 16-Jul-11 21:10:30

Keycamp/Eurocamp/Canvas (mobile homes are the best if the budget will stretch)

Campsites are great with small children. Make the drive part of the holiday, dont rush and enjoy it. When children are small self catering is the best way, much more relaxing than faffing with someone else's dinner time/menu.

We have three DCs (11, 12 15) and have been driving to France since before the DCs were born. The French 'do' camping in a way no other nation achieves.

We have tried gites with shared pools and villas with our own pool and found gites too precious and villas too isolating.

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