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Menorca Anyone?

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Debsb Wed 17-Oct-01 12:48:26

Anyone been to Menorca? We are thinking of going there next year with 2 dds, nearly 7 & 5. We want somewhere with good beaches, family friendly but no late, loud night life - nothing like Blackpool please! Anyone been & can give tips on where to go/avoid?

Lizzer Wed 17-Oct-01 16:09:54

Hi Debs, my friend has just come back and I'm seeing her next week so if you can hang on I'll get you some info :)

I went years ago when I was about 12 and had a great time, but then you usually do where ever you go at that age. I do remember my parents saying that it was nice because it was a hot, beach holiday without being tacky or loud, so I guess you're on the right lines...

Rhiannon Wed 17-Oct-01 16:14:15

Son Bou is nice, not built up, there is a Sol hotel there right on the beach with a lovely pool.

Gaby Wed 17-Oct-01 19:53:24

We had a two week holiday in Son Parc ( on the north coast) in June. Our kids are 2 and 4 and enjoyed the beaches. Son Parc has a nice beach, and is a quieter resort. It has a couple of hotels, but also quite a lot of apartments .(worth hiring a car if you want to explore the island and other beaches). We booked thro Menorcan Country Holidays- they have a website, I think under MCHolidays. They let out several apartments throughout the island and are a lot cheaper than the big tour operators. It is also worth looking at another website - which has lots of recommendations on Menorca and places to stay. I also thought Santo Thomas seemed nice, beach was good but not sure how quiet it is. Es Grau near mahon is a nice fishing village. Avoid Cal en Forcat for the Blackpool experience, altho my kids enjoyed the waterpark there and fish & chips afterwards! I felt the whole island seemed very family friendly, restaurants welcomed our kids and several had play areas which made eating out with a 2 and 4 year old enjoyable.Hope this helps.

Debsb Wed 17-Oct-01 21:23:14

Thanks everyone for your info. I will hang on, Lizzer, but I noticed a lot of the smaller apartments are being booked up already (the dreaded August - yuk) so i think we'll have to decide fairly soon. Good tip on Cal en Forcat, Gaby, & I shall certainly try those websites.

Theresa Sat 20-Oct-01 04:45:48

We went to Menorca before we had children. We'd previously been to Greece or Turkey and went on a 'last minute' holiday to Menorca at the beginning of September. We ended up staying at the 'beach club' which is quite a big hotel in Son Parc. The whole island is Very family friendly, almost to the point that you felt left out if you didn't have children! Only place where we've been brave enough to hire a car and ended up going for long drives to use up some petrol as the island is so small! Only word of warning was that during our fortnight we had rain and wind for nearly half of the time, which is apparantly not uncommon in September, especially on the North Coast, so I'd do some homework on tthe climate before I book!

Stew Sun 13-Mar-05 12:55:43

If you like shallow warm water and soft sand for your children, try 'Es Grau' near Mahon, Menorca......Es Grau is a pretty little coastal Village away from the Resorts.....Take a look at:

sammac Sun 13-Mar-05 13:19:25

Another vote for Son Bou with its long beach and family friendly atmosphere. We went to Cala n Forcat the next year, and doesn't have any beach like SB, even has a McDonalds. Everyplace very friendly, with lots of play areas in the restuarents, but far too busy for us. The north of the island is a lot quieter.

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