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Help! Flying with 3 children on my own!

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3littlebadgers Mon 11-Jul-11 22:51:23

Good gordon please help!

I am flying on my own with a 5 year old,4 year old, and 2 year old. 1hr flight, 1hr 30mins transfer then 4 hr flight (very early morning). 5 year old has ants in his pants, 4 year old is very whingey, 2 year old is 2!!! wink otherwise they are delightfull.

Any tips would be most appreciated!
My biggest worries are:
The plane is 3 seats aisle 3 seats so who sits where?
How I keep them busy without packing so much that I can't lug all the handluggage and bodies through the transfer which is in another terminal.
Anti-child attitudes.
My santity

Thanks x

shmoz Mon 11-Jul-11 23:00:19

Oh my goodness, you are brave!

I think I would sit the children all together in one row, with you perhaps in the aisle seat in the row immediately behind so that you can pretend they're not yours keep an eye on them grin

Could they each have a small rucksack which they wear containing small activities to keep them quiet? Snacks, drawing, that kind of stuff. Keeps your hands free for your own hand luggage (I would also consider a backpack if I were you).

Give yourself plenty of time so you're not rushing, that will just add to the stress.

Anti-child attitudes should be ignored. Alternatively withering looks at anyone tutting are permitted.

Good luck!

3littlebadgers Mon 11-Jul-11 23:06:14

Thanks I am liking the whole pretending they are not mine thing grin

wentshopping Tue 12-Jul-11 05:36:06

Oh I remember it well! (Mine are a lot older now!)
I would go window, middle aisle and one seat across aisle for one of them - or are you holding the two year old on your lap - then you could do three in a row and not worry aboout little fingers in other peoples laps, books etc.
I always used to get a new toy to keep them occupied - story tapes worked well back in the day... now I use a portable dvd player for the youngest, with a brand new dvd. Would they sit and play with sticker books or easy puzzle books? These are cheap and light to carry.. crayons are good but they do roll away when dropped! Get some drinks for them for takeoff (buy juice etc after security) - helps little ears to "pop". Brilliant idea for them to carry their own little bags - you may even get a moment to yourself!
When I am totally lost for things to do I would "read" the inflight magazine with dds - making fun of all the pictures etc, or pretending to choose the duty free. Good luck! (I have 9 1/2 hr flight next week with just two of three kids)

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