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holiday this year?

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clivesummer Sun 10-Jul-11 23:26:41

DP and I have never had a holiday together! Now we have a 4 month old DD I'm thinking we deserve one.
So, am I mad thinking we could go somewhere hot and sunny? Or, would staying in the UK be a more realistic option? DD's not going to remember her first holiday after all and would going abroad be more stressful / expensive for us?
But, if we stay in the UK why are places like centreparcs so expensive?
We have a pretty limited budget...
Am I being unrealistic and should we bide our time till next year when we could save up and DD could at least enjoy a beach?
Thanks in advance !

coffeewhitenosugar Mon 11-Jul-11 21:12:36

Hi, we had our 1st holiday a few weeks ago at The Lizard in Cornwall, staying in self catering cottage in St Keverne - it was wonderful and I would highly recommend it, 5 minutes from fantastic family friendly beach and some really great attractions, safe water to drink so no need to boil it, etc and dd's loved it too (a bit older than yours though) a perfect memory making holiday - I would really recommend it.

Portofino Tue 12-Jul-11 09:47:15

We had a cheap gite in Normandy when dd was that age. Self catering definitely easy with babies/toddlers. Not TOO hot and lots of day trips out/picnics. I have very fond memories of all the fuss that got made of her whilst dh transported her round various castles etc in a sling.

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