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Travel insurance - family with teen + student

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TheyCallMeMimi Sat 09-Jul-11 19:35:02

Hi, I've come to MN a bit late (as you'll find out in a minute) and I'm test-driving MN, so be gentle.

We are 2 proper grown-ups with an adult-ish DD (20) and a teen. Trying to get simple travel insurance for us is proving tricky. The big portal sites stipulate that for a 'family' policy the children must be under 18; for a 'group', all members of the group have to be over 18. We can't be the first family to do this, so I'm hoping someone on here can suggest a company that will quote, and not cost the earth. (And thanks, but it's too late for any comments about the wisdom of doing this trip). We're only going to the Republic of Ireland with a car.


BlackandGold Sun 10-Jul-11 21:34:06

We have an annual policy with Direct Travel. If your 20 yr old is still a student then she will be able to stay on your policy until age 23 I believe.

Actually I think she can be on your family policy regardless of status but check the link

TheyCallMeMimi Mon 11-Jul-11 23:46:28

Thanks! Right now we just need a single trip policy, but that link will come in handy for DD (she has big plans).

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