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Disney Paris sequoia hotel

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chillistars Sat 09-Jul-11 18:54:38

We are going here shortly, can anybody who has been give any advice about the rooms - do they have a kettle so we can make tea and coffee?
I am on a very lot fat diet due to a disability and cannot eat anything with fat in it. Therefore I want to be able to take some cup soups and my own home made bread, but obviously they are no use without a kettle! That way I can do something hot and have plenty of fruit and vegetables in the restaurants.
I am assuming from what people have told me that it will be impossible for my diet in the restaurants at Disney.

rosie39forever Sat 09-Jul-11 20:21:09

Hi we are going to the sequioa in a couple of weeks too!! We have been to disney many times and stayed in the sequoia before, you don't get kettles in the rooms but you can hire them at reception but i would recommend takeing a travel kettle just in case they dont have any available. As far as food goes there is plenty of fruit and low fat yoghurt at breakfast and you can take apples, oranges and bananas away with you. In the park the buffets may be a good bet as you can select your own food, Agrabah cafe in the park and Hunters Grill in the hotel are particularly good. Have a good time.

chillistars Sat 09-Jul-11 20:42:54

Thank you Rosie, I hope that you have a fantastic time.

Figgygirl Tue 19-Jul-11 05:03:52

Agree with Rosie - Sequoia Lodge rooms do not have teamaking facilities, so we take a small travel kettle, with plastic mugs, metal teaspoon, and sachets of instant hot drinks, soups etc, more for early morning or when we get back late at night and fancy a hot drink before bed in our room.
Have you not heard that Disney cater for food allergies and special diets? You can order special meals in advance in certain restaurants if necessary.
There is no hot food in Sequoia Lodge breakfast buffet, but a good range of cold foods, including fresh fruit salad.
The buffet restaurants in Sequoia, New York and Newport Bay hotels, Disneyland Hotel, Agrabah Cafe buffet, Plaza Gardens buffet, and Restaurant Des Stars buffet ( studios ) all have a very good range of starters, mains and desserts, with fresh salads and vegetables.

For Disney dieticians phone +33 164 743 978

or phone the Sequoia Lodge for information and request a kettle in your room for dietary purposes.
+33 160 45 51 00

Alternatively phone Disney Guest Relations on +33 164 742 126

Don't pay any attention to DLP reviews that say you can only get bad fast food in Disneyland - they have obviously not seen or eaten in the good buffets or table service restaurants in resort. There are 10 restaurants to choose from just in the 6 Disney hotels in resort, without those in the Village and parks. The Studios is more limited than the main park regarding dining, as there is only one buffet, and one table service American Diner type retaurant, along with fast food ones.

You can see details, menus and prices of restaurants on dlrpmagic website which they keep pretty well up to date.

Dining reservations can advise which restaurants can provide food for your low fat diet, and you may be able to order a specially prepared meal in advance. It is always best to make dining reservations before you go, or at least one day in advance when you are there.

+33 160 30 40 50

More info can be found or questions asked on the Trip Advisor Disneyland Paris forum, where regulars are glad to help.

Figgygirl Tue 19-Jul-11 05:08:40

Hope you both have a Magical time! Trip Reports are always welcome on the TA DLP forum, and will be linked to the TR sticky.

Figgygirl Tue 19-Jul-11 05:10:36

Actually, when I last stayed in Sequoia Lodge in December 09, you could order a hot breakfast from a menu for about € 6. Not sure if that option is still there.

Liz79 Thu 21-Jul-11 11:42:25

Which hotel do you recommend figgy? We were planning on Santa Fe, figuring we wouldn't spend much time at the hotel -its just somewhere to rest your head. Is it worth paying the extra for a 3 key?

Figgygirl Fri 22-Jul-11 03:22:13

Hi Liz,
I havn't stayed in the Santa Fe myself, but quite a few of our regular DLP forum posters have - it was given a new CARS theming at the beginning of the year, which has made it more interesting for kids. Rooms mainly have two double beds, although they do have some with bunk beds, and also some new connecting 2 bathroom family rooms that sleep 6. ( special offer prices do not include the family rooms though ).
The rooms are slightly larger than rooms in the Cheyenne hotel, which have one double and set of bunk beds. Both these hotels have some connecting rooms.

The Cheyenne has very realistic cowboy town theming, and very appealing to kids, especially boys. It is a more attractive hotel from the outside than the Santa Fe, which looks like orange office blocks IMO, but people say the inside is fine. I am planning to have a look round SF when I go next in October. I stayed in the Cheyenne in January for the first time, and was quite comfortable. It was worth paying the extra to be in a Buffalo Room near the main building, especially in winter. I wrote a long detailed review with photos on TA afterwards. I had a kettle in my room, but otherwise you can ask for one at reception in SF and Cheyenne hotels if one is not in the room on arrival. Worth taking your own mugs, spoon, and hot drinks sachets though, as they charge for tea/ coffee etc.

The main difference with the Santa Fe is that it is more like a motel - cars can park outside the room blocks. Some people with young kids are not keen on this, as you have to be careful walking from your room to the main building for breakfast, reception, buses to the parks, etc, looking out for coming cars. The other hotels have car parks away from the rooms and hotel buildings.

If there is not much difference in the price, I would go for the Cheyenne above the SF, as long as kids can sleep in bunks. Some prefer this to sharing a double bed together. The SF and Cheyenne are opposite each other, on each side of the Rio Grande canal. You have to cross a bridge to get to the SF.

All the Disney hotels are busy at breakfast time, so worth booking first timeslot 7am - 7.15am when you arrive for each day, to avoid queues and crowds. Hard getting up sometimes, but good to eat in peace, then be at the park for 8am Extra Magic Hours when 7 rides are open. The first EMH hour is less busy than after 9am. We then go over to the Studios on some days, so we can be first in at 09.30 to queue for Crush's Coaster which is VERY popular and has long queues all day, with no fastpass facility.

Figgygirl Fri 22-Jul-11 03:34:37

If you are only going for a few days and do not need a pool, then the Cheyenne or SF are fine. Both are about 15-20 mins walk to the parks, depending on your room location. The Sequoia Lodge is about 10 mins walk. The path alongside the canal to the Cheyenne and SF comes out between the New York and Sequoia hotels, by Lake Disney.
From there you walk through the Disney Village, past Chessy railway station, to both parks.
If spending a few days there in summer holidays, a pool can be a nice break from busy parks in hot weather for a few hours, especially as the DL Park does not close until 11pm, so worth booking one of the 3 Disney moderate hotels, or one of the Associated hotels that has a pool. The only Associated hotel that has EMH is Hotel Elysee in Val D'Europe, but that does not have a pool.

Liz79 Fri 22-Jul-11 19:21:34

Ok think we'll go for the cheyenne then. eldest might be too young for a top bunk at not quite 5 but we can get a travel cot for 2.6 yo ds. Now when can book for Oct 2012? grin

Figgygirl Sun 24-Jul-11 06:36:40

Not yet - too early. Bookings only for arrivals up to 30th June 2012 at present.
Should come out from January or February 2012. Hopefully with a 40% off hotel / tickets and kids under 7 or 12 stay and play free. Sometimes offer includes transport as well.
Might be worth phoning Disney to ask if there is a minimum age for top bunk in the Cheyenne.
08448 008 111 or
08448 003 003.

You can request travel cot for babies/ toddlers under 3 yrs.

Figgygirl Sun 24-Jul-11 07:04:06

It is worth paying the extra for Buffalo room location near main building, so you don't have far to walk for breakfast, and on ground floor if you have a buggy as there are no lifts to the upper floor.
Also worth getting a quote for the Sequoia Lodge as well, as depends what offer is on which hotel on the dates you want. You could find that the Sequoia comes out cheaper or similar after adding on the extra for preferred room location.

Also worth checking prices with other travel companies online as Disney are not necessarily cheapest. Travel agents might give extra discount if you book through them - mine does. Worth asking!

This map of the Cheyenne gives you some idea of where the room blocks are located. The Santa Fe is on the other side of the canal.
The path to the Village and parks goes to the right, past Doc Holliday and Running Bear blocks. The Disney parks shuttle bus goes from outside Wyatt Earp block, at the front of the hotel.

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