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Travelling with formula to the US

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ckny1 Sat 09-Jul-11 10:33:38

I'm sure several older threads exist with this info, but was wondering whether anyone has recent experience with travelling to the US with formula since we don't want to change what our 4 month old uses. Sadly they don't have Aptamil there (and I'm no longer BF). Our plan is the following:

-4 small boxes of ready made Aptamil in carry on
-2 ready made bottles in carry on
-5 cartons of Aptamil in luggage to be checked in

My concern is that you can't take food into the US, though don't understand whether the unopened boxes/cartons count. I'm sure they won't check our luggage once we arrive, but security at Heathrow may confiscate our boxes in carry on, though we hope to go through it all...I emailed BA a month ago, but no response.

We have experience travelling to Germany with the formulas in carry-on, but travelling within EU regulations are different.

Thanks for sharing your experiences!

wigglesrock Sat 09-Jul-11 19:01:26

ckny1 I don't know Heathrow at all, but can you order the cartons of Aptamil to be collected airside at Heathrow (the Boots in Belfast Airport does this), that would hopefully take away the chance of the cartons being confiscated at security. I shouldn't think the unopened cartons will pose a problem in your checked luggage. Have travelled to US with various unopened foodstuffs in hold luggage - apparently the tea and crisps in US are shite grin.

ckny1 Sun 10-Jul-11 10:11:26

Thanks, Wiggles, will see whether this can be done with Boots @ Heathrow! Actually, I'll even call Boots to see whether they have Aptamil in Terminal 5!

Tea is crap in the US, and I wouldn't even try the crisps because they're an instant heart attack with all the sodium, preservatives, and transfat...ewww! shock

I'll cross fingers that they don't open our luggage at the airport in the US with the Aptamil cartons spilling out! It's just that my DH will have his first greencard check in at the arrival and I hope it's not that long and involved.

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