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Disney Florida - booked, what can you tell me that will make life easier?

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tranquilgardens Sat 02-Jul-11 16:02:37

Hi, I have booked this for the winter, just me and the two secondary school age children. We are staying in a disney hotel. Park tickets booked for Disney, the waterparks and Harry Potter!

What practical things make life easier?

What sort of spends do you need for extra's?

many thanks

ohappydays Sat 02-Jul-11 23:53:01

i bought this book and followed the instructions and it made life so much more easier. It tells you when to go in the day and manipulate the queues - following its advice when had minimum waiting times in August.

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2011 (Unofficial Guides)
Go early morning [ not possible for us - we love to sleep in] or later in the day due to the heat

joydivisionovengloves Mon 04-Jul-11 20:28:07

I would also wholeheartedly recommend that book!

If you can drive, hire a car, it is so much easier than relying on public transport and quite reasonable.

Definitely get to The Harry Potter World of Wizarding as early as possible! It gets very busy very quickly.

Eat outside of the parks when you can to save money, the prices inside are inflated.

amicissima Tue 05-Jul-11 22:08:39

You will almost certainly have a fridge in your room. Bring or buy bowls, plates, mugs, cutlery, milk, cereal (US has Lucky Charms!), etc. (Google supermarkets like Wallmart, Publix etc before you go.)

Get up early. Breakfast in your room (quicker and cheaper). Get to the park entrance just before opening time (it will often open earlier than published, and watch for Magic Hours). After entry, send one person with the entrance tickets off to the machine at your second priority ride to get Fast Passes, while the others head for the queue of first priority ride. Meet up in the queue.

After ride, check the Fast Passes for a) return to ride time - you might have time for another ride before using FP and b) time you can get your next Fast Pass. Repeat this process until the waits get silly. Then do things you don't have to wait for and/or return to the hotel and chill, go elsewhere, whatever. You can go back into the park, or another, later if you want, when it's quieter, but don't forget to go to bed early enough for an early start in the morning!

Best coffee? Animal Kingdom: Kusafiri Coffee Shop, Africa, Epcot: Kiosk by the Tip Board between Innovations East and Mission Space, MGM Studios: Writers Stop Coffee Shop near Sci-Fi Drive In Dine In. Magic Kingdom: no luck, unless things have improved recently!

If you are going to Universal/Islands of Adventure at a busy time (?Christmas/?New Year) have a look at booking a night in one of the Universal hotels. This may seem crazy if you already have accommodation, but it will give you unlimited Express Passes per person from when you check in (as early as you dare!) until the evening of the day you check out. It is hard to find out how much the Express Passes cost as they vary, but when we went at Easter one night in the hotel was cheaper than 2 days unlimited EP for 4 people. There may be one or two rides that don't accept Express Passes, though.

Did I mention getting up early?!

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