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Trouble in Paradise: 'Villains of the Caribbean'

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RoxyCarmichael Fri 01-Jul-11 20:32:17

I'm an ex superyacht stewardess but still keep in touch with all my old yachtie pals and heard of some dangers lurking in the Caribbean to be aware of:

I was saddened but relieved to read an interview yesterday confirming rumours circulating amongst fellow yacht crew a couple of months ago about the death of a motor yacht crew chef in St Maarten. The poor young guy was found severely beaten and left for dead on a beach the day after he arrived on the island, dying of his injuries shortly after.

The rumours I heard were that he must have been involved in some kind of illegal activity because of the injuries he suffered and the severity of the attack. Other crew who were on the island at the time were saying it must have been a drug deal gone wrong or that he must have been involved with the villains on the island or even that he must have done something so bad to have deserved what he got. It's so typical for crew to speculate and I can only imagine the atmosphere on the island at the time. Crew love a bit of gossip, but this would have hit them hard.

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