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beach and pool with a busy 15 month please

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mamaesi Fri 01-Jul-11 14:51:38

am taking my 15 month old to ibiza. there is a pool and beach and I need to know what to bring/expect... to keep her entertained and all this kind of stuff...

am worried that I will spend the whole time worrying about her drowning/getting sunburnt/too hot, bored, etc

top tips please for hot holidays with busy toddler

MayDayChild Fri 01-Jul-11 20:00:20

Walking? Arm bands!
Take mini paddle pool and put next to your subbed. Takes away some of that Oooh water excitement and headfirst into pool scenario.
Small balls, stacking cups which double up as bath & beach toys.
One of those all over uv suits and quality hats, swim nappies and talc to get sand off a wet whinghy tired child quickly.
Have a lovely non relaxing holiday!

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