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1 yo won't wear a hat

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homeagainhomeagain Thu 30-Jun-11 13:31:39

We are off to Tenerife on Sunday but I can't keep a hat on my wee one's head. I've bought all styles including ones which tie under her chin, to no avail. I'm getting worried, it will be fine if she sits in her buggy under a ray shade but she wants to potter round after her big sis. She got a bit burnt just under her eyes recently. Any tips - she's also a red head so can't take any sun. Any tips very welcome, thanks.

mrsravelstein Thu 30-Jun-11 13:33:03

none of my dc would wear a hat either.... just spray some lotion on her head and rub it in, it'll be fine.

homeagainhomeagain Thu 30-Jun-11 13:36:09

Thanks, the nursery do this. Looks like I'll have to resort to this trick as well.

Cies Thu 30-Jun-11 13:39:08

My ds went through this phase when he was about 9mo, and now at 19mo he won't take the bleeding hat off, even indoors grin

What about a bandana? Not tying the straps under her chin but letting her chew them? Does her big sister wear a hat? Could some bribery work?

Ruthiebabes Thu 30-Jun-11 15:51:28

When my youngest was that age he refused a hat, so I bought him bandanas from next, he wore them no problem and it looked cute!!

homeagainhomeagain Thu 30-Jun-11 19:43:31

Bandanas smile, great idea, thanks. Can't believe I didn't think of that.

mummymeister Thu 30-Jun-11 21:09:04

I am clearly a mean mother! My eldest is a red head and kept taking the darn bonnet off. so we went in the garden she took it off I brought her indoors and told her why then outside again then hat off you get the picture ! it did take me a couple of days to crack it but she was only just walking and they are always smarter than you think

homeagainhomeagain Thu 30-Jun-11 21:14:09

Hi mummymeister - funny my DH and I were just talking about this. We did exactly that with our eldest DD. She caught on very quickly. This one is a stubborn monkey or we are too soft. We were just saying we thought she was too young to 'get it' if we kept bringing her in. Prob not. Will give it a go tomorrow, she's always wanting out in the garden. Thanks.

happyhorse Thu 30-Jun-11 21:26:47

DS used to be like this. I just stuck to my guns one day and every time he took it off I put it straight back on. It was a very long journey to the shops that day but he broke before I did and since then he's worn a hat.

homeagainhomeagain Thu 30-Jun-11 21:46:17

Deep down, I know I just have to be tough, thanks for the messages. I won't give in tomorrow. I'm reinvigorated because she got too much sun under her eyes just playing in the park on a cloudy day. If she doesn't have a hat on she can sit in the buggy under her shade :-)

mummymeister Fri 01-Jul-11 23:23:14

Hmm your youngest and you guess that you may be too soft!That has to be a whole new thread surely! i think it really does work and if they are old enough to keep on doing it (showing that they know what they are doing) then old enough to respond i bet. now my kids are older i am the one that gets nagged about my hat.

yawningbear Sat 09-Jul-11 08:22:17

We lived in New Zealand when DD was younger so hat wearing was essential for much of the time and everybody gave me the advice just to keep taking her in if she refused to wear it, be tough etc. Well DD is one strong willed monkey and by day 3 of that approach with absolutely no let up I was starting to fear I may never be able to leave the house again. What eventually worked was her seeing a photograph of herself in the hat which had been taken in one of the rare moments when it had actually been on her head. It seems she liked what she saw and we have never looked back, 2.7 years old and she LOVES her hats, particulary a manky old handknitted bobble hat, very fetching when worn on the beach recently, well, we do live in Scotland grin Goodluck!

sprinkles77 Sat 09-Jul-11 09:23:47

Tie the hat on really tight then do something with her that is seriously distracting, like the swings, eating meals etc. I also have a fair skinned baby. The hat is non- negotiable. It went on aged about 4 months and he has been made to wear it through last summer and winter, and again now. Tough love!

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