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Barcelona with a 9 month old - what essentials should I pack?

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Mupski Wed 29-Jun-11 20:55:15

Hi all

We will be visiting Barca for three nights in a few weeks time and I'm just starting to have a mild panic about what I should and shouldn't pack. Our DD is well stablished on solids and also has 4 FF each day. We'll be staying in an apartment so will have use of microwave, fridge etc and a cot will be provided.

Along with the obvious clothes, nappies etc I'm planning to bring: emergency food pouches (for occasions when I can't find something suitable for her to eat), enough ready made milk cartons for all her feeds (to save faffing around with boiling kettles of bottled water), single bottle steriliser and disposable bibs.

What essentials would you reccommend for a city break with a baby and what should I leave at home?

Thanks in advance!

Geordieminx Wed 29-Jun-11 21:33:21

Oooh barcelona, my specialist subject!

The only thing I would recommend would be one of these as very few restuarants have highchairs.

I wouldn't worry too much about food, from memory on Las Ramblas there is a macdonalds, a pizza express, a big supermarket selling loads of fruit/yoghurts etc, as well as loads of lovely tapas bars.

It will likely be very hot so would consider a shade a babe or something similar? Oh and a travel changing mat, as sometimes toilets can be few and far between.

Oh and go to the zoo, it's fab! And the font du majic, and the marina!

Enjoy, it's one of my favorite cities, went when I was 7 months pregnant with ds, then have taken him when he was 18 months and 3.5

Mupski Thu 30-Jun-11 06:07:23

Thank you for your reply Geordiemimx. I hadn't considered the high chair situation at all so that's a great tip!

Geordieminx Thu 30-Jun-11 08:55:12

Apart from the highchair/lack of toilets everything else is fine! You'll have a fab time! Oh down near the sea, right next to the wax museum (which is rubbish) there is an amazing wee bar, done out like q fairy grotto. V child friendly during the day.

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