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Travelling with a 2 months old and I-candy Peach or buy a light pram??

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ESTATE Fri 24-Jun-11 19:39:05

I am travelling with hubby and baby ( 2 months old) to Sardinia in a week. One of the issue is if to take my new I-candy peach which the baby can use to stroll around or sleep in or buy a light McLaren or city mini baby jogger. the bags for the chassis and the carrycot of the I_candy costs 160 pounds all together ( more than a light pram). The airline says I can bring the pram on board, but I am not sure they understand how bulky the I-candy ( chassis and carrycot) is...has anybody taken a bulky pram on board? if so I do not need a bag for it nor a lighter pram but I am not sure ....any suggestion? many thanks in advance

GoingToBeSize12 Sat 25-Jun-11 17:57:20

I flew a few times with the carrycot on my I-candy cherry. We always collapsed the carrycot (it goes quite flat) and put it in one of the checked in bags. We then used the maxi cosi on the base and took that through, right to the plane. The base was taken off us before we boarded and we took the car seat on with us. We were always given the base just as we left the plane so clipped the car seat back on. Not sure if that's an option for you?

ESTATE Thu 30-Jun-11 21:29:19

thank you for your answer smile as the feed back from the air carrier were pretty obscure and a friend just had her expensive stroller damaged whilst flying - I am going to collect a John Lewis own brand buggy which I will use only for travelling...I would have preferred to have a light jogging one but there was not time to shop around as i am off on Saturday!!

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