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Anyone know anything about travel insurance?

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DuchessEm Thu 23-Jun-11 07:19:39

We are due to fly to Spain on Saturday and my DS has come down with Chicken pox. sad

It is looking like we will either have to cancel or I will stay behind and fly out with DS when he is well enough (going by the 5 day rule this will be Sunday or Monday). I took out annual multi-trip travel insurance, but put the start date for the policy as the day we go away. Will the insurance company say that as the illness started before the policy did then we will not be covered? It states in the booklet that pre-existing conditions are not covered for cancellation, but I initially took this to mean long term illnesses and complaints. Now I am panicking that this means any illness that starts before the policy does.

Sorry if I'm not making sense or if this is a silly question, I have an unhappy boy on my knee and am stressing big time about this! This was to be our first holiday in 5 years and was paid for with some money that me lovely Grandfather left us when he died last year. We also have 2 other family members coming, so it will be their holiday cancelled, too.

Any advice will be hugely appreciated.

chopchopbusybusy Thu 23-Jun-11 07:27:51

The cancellation clause of the policy is effective from the date of purchase.
Ring them when they open an explain the situation. You won't necessarily be covered to fly out at a later date, so you need to find out the options.
Sorry this is going to mess up your plans - such bad timing.

DuchessEm Thu 23-Jun-11 07:34:34

Thanks for the reply, CCBB! That is good to know. I'll ring them and find out what my options are. CP has been going round here since March, but it's just typical he gets it now!

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