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anyone ever get a last minute bargain 4 star+ abroad in school hols?

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NHScutback Wed 22-Jun-11 21:06:25

Me, DH, 2 DC.
Am fretting nothing wlll be left but DH is saying hold firm. i want to save a bit of cash this year. I do like a bit of luxury though. Plus side is don't mind too much where to go, short and long haul ok. Tell me your stories please.

justonemorethen Wed 22-Jun-11 22:43:40

Nah you'll be fine. Many places in Europe shut down in August as they go on holiday leaving city centre hotels at reasonable prices (flights cost more though). We even did a last minute cruise for under £500 each so got to see 5 different places in luxury without spending extra on food.
I don't think I've ever booked more than 2/3 months in advance. There is always something online - checked out travelzoo?

NHScutback Thu 23-Jun-11 20:44:30

That's reassuring, thank you. Keep looking, no bargains to be had as yet, but planning to book within a week of going to strike lucky <crosses fingers> <pictures self in hellish Bulgarian shithole>

TennisFan Fri 24-Jun-11 12:59:07

Me too - nothing booked but have only 2 weeks when we can go in August - normally go early when NI schools break up (next week) thereby avoiding the rush before England/Scotland/Wales schools break up.

I too envisage, crappy appartment block somewhere unsavoury.

mosschops30 Sat 25-Jun-11 20:19:46

Depends what youre looking for, if you want a hotel with kids club, mini disco etc in a nice resort then no you probably wont get it ( friend just tried to book same holiday as us, couldnt get in for whole of august, and paid more to go in july before schools finish).
If youre not fussy then you will get something

Kiwinyc Tue 28-Jun-11 21:29:44

Was talking to a mum at school today and she scored a great 4* holiday in Greece over May half term which turned out to be really good. So maybe it is possible!

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