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Car Seat for Air Travel

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Teapot13 Wed 22-Jun-11 19:24:48

Our daughter is 19 months old and we travel quite a bit (US, UK, Continental Europe). We have reached the point where she needs her own seat and we're looking for a car seat we can use on the plane. Has anyone found one that is permitted on EU/UK and US flights? (This will be her normal car seat at home, too.) We have the CARES harness as a back-up but Lufthansa, for example, doesn't allow this. We'd appreciate any tips.

timetosmile Wed 22-Jun-11 19:28:25

we used a McClaren one - fairly standard one with parachute type harness and no added drink trays ect...don't know make as now 10yrs old and at SILs house, they haven't changed much though!
Each airline used to have its own policy re dimensions, so best check with them - sorry not to be much help.
(it was fantastic to have a child iin though, they slept much better as it was what they were used to in thecar, and you can strap them in it on a flat luggage trolley and not lose them in International Departures)

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