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montgomerysmummy Wed 22-Jun-11 12:37:49

Help! We are travelling from Portsmouth to St Malo on Brittany Ferries Bretagne. We are booked into a 4 berth club cabin not realising how small it is. My 2 year old is currently in a cot (very restless sleeper) I was planning for him to sleep in his blow up bed with raised sides on the ferry but don't think there will be enough room for it. He will not sleep with either of us in the bed so my query is should I put him in the lowest bunk and hope for the best? I am already expecting a night of no sleep!! Any tips extremely welcome.

Lizcat Wed 22-Jun-11 12:57:58

They usually have a selection of cots that fit between the beds, or I would put blankets on the floor between the beds as the bottom bunk is really quite low. DD has always slept well on overnight ferries.

montgomerysmummy Thu 23-Jun-11 09:04:59

hi lizcat, thanks su much for that. got reply from Brittany ferries and they suggested taking mattress from top bunk and outting on floor between bottom bunks and letting him sleep there so fingers crossed. tryin not to dread it and hoping it will be an 'exciting' adventure!!

mousymouse Thu 23-Jun-11 09:13:37

when we travel over night by ferry, we put dd on the floor between the berths on top of the duvet and ask for an extra duvet from the reception desk.
agree with lizcat, my dc always sleep very well on the ferry.

slalomsuki Sun 26-Jun-11 22:00:45

These ferries are great for kids. The bunks come with a strap like a seat belt that goes over the duvet and keeps them in bed even if rough.

There is a small soft play area on board with a colouring zone and they may even have some children's entertainer/balloon modeler on board. They do kids meals in the self service restaurant and an early kids friendly show in the bar.

I always stop at tesco just before the ferry port for last minute stock up or I used to get tea there when kids were younger. Now it's just a big adventure for them.

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