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Flying Saturday - Help earache and catarrgh!

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Fairycakewithsprinkles Mon 20-Jun-11 09:03:27

Have a short flight to sunny Spain this weekend coming.

I also have had a headcold a few weeks back and been left with sinus pain in face and forehead. I dont feel blocked up in my nose but obviously am in my head iykwim.

Started a course of anti biotics last Friday which finish on Thirsday night. I am inhaling steamy olbas oil but most mornings I am still waking with a forehead headache and ear ache.

Last night I drove 5 hours and every hill I drove up and down mad emy ears pop. This has now made me worried about flying on Saturday.

Anyone have any advice on what I can do to not make the flight so painful on my ears? Anything I can take, or do to try and clear this before the weekend?

(have also posted this is general health as was not sure which was the best one)

ImeldaM Mon 20-Jun-11 10:13:30

Oh dear, I would definitely expect the whole ears thing to be a lot worse than usual if you have a head cold & sinus pain. Hopefully your antibiotics will have worked by then though to stop the sinus trouble. Would recommend either asking GP or pharmacist if a steroid nasal spray would help you, if you don't already use one.

On the plus side, some time in sunny Spain will definitely chase away any remaining cold symptoms grin envy

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