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Silly question for US mums

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leese Tue 07-Oct-03 19:21:35

Banal I know, but we're travelling to Florida soon, and am beginning to think of more practical things. Such as, is Weetabix for sale in the US? that or Ready Brek (like a porridge I suppose - best way I can think to describe it!!). Only thing my dd will eat well, and as she is so faddy at other mealtimes, enjoy seeing her get a good brekkie.
So, for sale, or should I make room in the case for a box of 24 weetabix?!!!

SofiaAmes Tue 07-Oct-03 22:21:30

There is an equivalent, but why not bring a box along. It means you won't be out trying to find a supermarket the day you arrive and you will have a little empty space on your return to put all the stuff that you buy.

polly28 Tue 07-Oct-03 22:34:22

We went to Canada thinking that we could buy readybrek or similar but couldn't.THe instant porridge was disgusting,I'd take it if i was you.

august24 Tue 07-Oct-03 22:54:53

We do not have ready brek, I think we do have weetabix, but agree with SofiaAmes. It would be less of a hassle just to pack your own(I do this when I come to the U.K, with my kids favorite organic macaroni and cheese, an American kid staple) Also not sure what sort of food you are used to but I know grocery stores really vary especially in touristy areas. For instance where I live(Boston) there is one shop that carries organic, and then there is one huge store that does not have any organic food and has very yucky(to me) processed foods. And then there is a third that carries both, but you wouldn't know it unless you go in and spend sometime it each. Hope that helps...

SueW Tue 07-Oct-03 23:08:06

Have to admit I have rarely, if ever, taken food anywhere when we have travelled. A number of places we've been to e.g. NZ and Oz, require you to dump most if not all food before you enter the country anyway.

We've always managed one way or another although in Majorca earlier this year with 6yo DD it meant milkshakes and ice-cream and picking-at-mum's-food for a few meals before we found things she enjoyed.

I should probably mention she has a physical problem which limits what she can eat as well as being picky over anything that doesn't taste good, preferring food to be well-flavoured and dismissing anything bland.

californiagirl Wed 08-Oct-03 02:04:46

Weetabix are available, but not terribly consistently -- you need a really big supermarket or one that does import foods. Ready Brek I've never seen. Breakfast cereal you can usually bring into the country, although you may have to talk to the agriculture department people at the airport (sometimes this is faster than the other lines, often it's slower). I find it amusing to go look at foreign grocery stores, but if you have a busy sightseeing schedule and are desperate for breakfast, it could get old very fast. I agree with everyone else; bring along at least enough to get you through a few days.

tinyfeet Wed 08-Oct-03 02:37:16

I'm on the east coast, but agree with the rest. You are unlikely to find either Ready Brek (never seen it) or Weetabix (only in specialty food stores). If you know your dd will eat it, I'd take it with you. I recently traveled to Europe, and took DD's cereal bars - not available anywhere I went - with me, and was really glad I did that. Have a great trip!

SoupDragon Wed 08-Oct-03 07:30:44

I remember seeing a million different versions of Cheerios in Florida supermarkets (we used Publix mainly. Never needed much food, just snacks).

I agree, pack the Weetabix. You might want to check before going that it's OK to take as they do seem to have sniffer dogs at the airports! Can you imagine having your suitcase attacked by an over enthusiastic beagle? I know that fruit is a no go but would imagine cereal would be fine to take. I've certainly bought cereal back before.


Bozza Wed 08-Oct-03 09:05:15

I'm surprised at these responses because I'm sure when I was an au pair in Texas ten years ago the little boy (same age as DS is now) used to have flavoured ready brek for breakfast. Must be my memory playing tricks on me.

sunchowder Wed 08-Oct-03 15:34:44

Leese- My Publix carries Weetabix and so do many of the others, I have not seen Ready Brek. I live about 40 minutes north of Disneyworld. It makes sense to bring along at least a small package so that you are not forced to go out shopping right away. We do have big variety of great cereals here at the markets--they usually have the organic weetabix in the health food section. Good luck and I hope you have a great time. Contact me if you need anything via Mumsnet, OK?

tinyfeet Wed 08-Oct-03 15:59:14

Is there another name perhaps for Ready Brek? We do have lots and lots of cold cereals and also the microwavable packets for oatmeal, etc. I'd still bring what your DD likes and is used to though.

leese Wed 08-Oct-03 18:57:43

Thank you all for your replies. I wouldv'e packed enough for a couple of days to avoid an immediate supermarket rush, but having read thru these responses, will be hiding my box of weetabix and ready brek amidst my underwear!
I would guess that a very similar is available,but don't really want to exert the time or energy trying to find out. And after experiencing grits (?sp) on my last visit, don't really want to subject dd to that......!!! I guess the pancakes and maple syrup might be a hit - you lot really know how to do breakfast. I'm sure thats why dh says yes every time I want to come back over.
So thank you again to everyone for your words of wisdom - and also to sunchowder. We're going to Orlando (?inevitable!) so wave and we might see you!

CP Wed 08-Oct-03 19:13:11

Or you could go to the manufacturers website and ask/check if they are available where you are going...

tinyfeet Wed 08-Oct-03 19:29:06

Leese, - on the grits!

sunchowder Wed 08-Oct-03 20:20:49

Grits are truly discusting, but then again, I am from the Northeast and I did not grow up with them either! The rest of our cereals are NOT like GRITS!! Honest! Let me know if you need anything, my offer is sincere! Enjoy your time here, the weather is PERFECT right now.

janh Wed 08-Oct-03 20:57:39

We lived in NY years ago (Long Island) and the speciality shop at the nearest mall had Weetabix (also Colman's mustard, McVitie's digestives etc) - there are loads of expats in Florida, aren't there, I bet there are shops like that there too. sunchowder, can you go on a scouting mission?

Didn't Quaker Oats used to make instant oatmeal? That would be like Ready Brek, wouldn't it?

janh Wed 08-Oct-03 20:59:06

But would taste different, probably.

sunchowder Wed 08-Oct-03 22:20:02

Yes, Yes, I think I should arrange for gift baskets to be delivered to all the visiting mumsnetters, don't you? Fresh Fruit, some interesting American Fare and of course, the old British Favorites! Quaker Oats does do an instant oatmeal--all different kinds, apple cinnamon, dino eggs that open up to creatures when you pour the hot water on them...
Long Island is beautiful janh, isn't it? Yes, we have many expats here--it is really nice.

So...I am up for hire, I can deliver gift baskets, do tours, entertain at my home, I have a pool and screenroom, gourmet kitchen, british husband to do all translations, we even have a local pub that does great fish and chips and lovely ciders. I love having company too! And I have never murdered any tourists in Miami contrary to Soupy's post! (maybe just one or two in Orlando....)

leese Wed 08-Oct-03 22:27:54

Yeah - perish the thought it should taste different! Can imagine the look on her face...
Thanks again sunchowder for your kind offer - at least I know theres a friendly bod nearby should disaster befall (but I've arranged this holiday with such military precision, nothing can or will go wrong.................)
And what is it with those grit things? I thought they were staple US fare, and everyone loved them. Ordered them with confidence for breakfast - what a shock! Think the name says it all.....
And is a fried egg not just a fried egg? Always throws me when I'm asked HOW I'd like my fried egg - 'Erm, fried?...' No, I'll have to read up on the 'over easy' principle...
Gosh, I do love America tho'. Wierd, but wonderful.
Better go - in case I launch into rendition of 'Star Spangled Banner'......
And in case there was any doubt, I DO love you all......!!!

forestfly Wed 08-Oct-03 22:29:57

Sunchowder send me some dino eggs!!!

sunchowder Wed 08-Oct-03 23:01:11

Leese, Forest Fly, anyone else, contact me via Mumsnet and I will be glad to send, buy give you my number, whatever. Just let me know!

ampm77 Sun 08-Feb-15 07:03:53

I have found nothing yet that compares to ready brek and I have lived in the states for 29 years

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